Libyan rebels can not take the last stronghold of Gaddafi

Libyan rebels can not take the last stronghold of Gaddafi

The troops of the Transitional State Council (NTC) of Libya seized the airport and a military base in Sirte — Muammar Gaddafi's home town, told the BBC BBC quoting a representative of the forces of PNS.

This information is, in general, require additional proof, because of the capture of the airfield rebels reported the TV channel "Al Jazeera" on Friday. Then it became clear that, having met fierce resistance from forces loyal to Gaddafi, and after suffering a tangible loss, the rebels were required to complete the general assault on Sirte and move in anticipation of reinforcements. We're not on special forces from NATO they expect that almost caused the earlier final battle for the Libyan capital Tripoli?

On Friday, the NTC forces had entered Sirte from the west were reported RIA "Novosti", but met fierce resistance. Snipers Gaddafi led fire from rooftops, his troops extensively used for strikes against enemy missile launchers. According to the 1st of representatives from PNC troops, joined by Gaddafi's troops and some residents of Sirte.

On Saturday, opponents of Gaddafi, Sirte on advancing from the east, take located 60 km away city Heravi, but their progress was halted upcoming massive enemy fire. At the same time, Gaddafi's spokesman on Saturday said that more than two thousand Libyans were killed in NATO air strikes on Sirte. He also said that Gaddafi's supporters want to continue the fight against postantsev.

At this point, reportedly, some groups of PNS, coming from the west and south, is located 7 kilometers from the center of Sirte. For Saturday, opponents of Gaddafi had lost about 30 men killed, a large number of soldiers were injured. There are also reports of fierce battles for the situated to the south-east of the city of Tripoli, Bani Walid.

Sirte, located to the south-east of the capital Tripoli city Bani Walid and the southern city of Sabha — the last great bastions of Gaddafi supporters. Gaddafi's forces holding the Beni Walid, the last week twice repulsed the assault by the PNS.

Meanwhile, some Libyan rebels have to go to the front shall be removed, as the loss in battle near the town of Bani Walid forced to fear the worst. On this, as reported by "Rosbalt" wrote French journalist Alan Jules. In his article "The Libyan disaster Bernard-Henri Levy," Jules knows that "traitors did not follow the instructions of NATO", since "all afraid now."

"After the bombing of their own army of darkness have claimed, that the cause of her subordinates were taken. But no commander could not force the fighter to go to the front. What is referred to as a prerequisite — lethargy? No, "you need to finish to shed Libyan blood," — said the creator of the article. With all of this, he added that it is unlikely that minority will be heard: "Islamists in PNS more than moderate. Just the other day, we recall, the army of Muammar Gaddafi Libyan rebels inflicted a heavy defeat in the town of Bani Walid. As for the town of Sirte, here, says a French journalist, "despite smertonostnye NATO bombings that kill women, babies and the elderly to a loud silence of the world community, over the so-called tactical retreat."

Meanwhile in Europe, will find out a lot about the Libyan campaign, NATO, the revealing "two of Libya," writes "Kommersant". At the finals of last week the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation in Libya, which was to fix the position of MEPs on the results of a six-month international coalition operations in Libya and to identify the strategy of interaction with the new EU authorities. In the course of its discussion, the European Parliament sharply divided in the estimates of the outcome of the military campaign, and swam to the surface details of the secret oil deals with Libyan government officials western rebels. However, in the final resolution of any one of the critical comments were not included.

During the debate preceding the vote, reports the publication, it was found that among European legislators not only there is no consensus on the issues discussed: their performances evolved from memory, they say that they are generally of different countries, different campaigns and various rebels.

Some deputies — in the main from the center-right parties — praised the act of NATO, the EU and the "Libyan freedom fighters." Meanwhile, another part of the deputies — both from the parties of the left and right-wing — draw a very different picture. "Operation NATO transformed from action to protect the public in the campaign for regime change. Union under the control of France and Britain went beyond the mandate of the United Nations. All that ensure high country NATO own bombardment — a contract to conduct business with the new authorities Libya, — Said a member of the United European Left Party Miguel Portas (Portugal.) — And do not state that only Gaddafi killing civilians. During the NATO bombing also killed people. And the insurgents committed terrible atrocities that must be investigated. "

His hot endorsed fellow party of Greece Charalampos Angurakis: "The war against Libya resulted in the massacre. U.S., NATO and the EU are fully responsible for the deaths of civilians in Tripoli and other cities. The aim of this war is to control the energy resources of the country. The governments of NATO and the EU went to this imperialist anger to ensure their monopolies largest piece of the Libyan oil pie. "

During the speeches of parliamentarians came to light some curious details. Thus, the independent MP Andrew Bronsen of England said on Latent deal worth $ 1 billion between British oil trader Vitol and the representatives of the Libyan Transitional Council of State, done through the mediation of the English international development minister Alan Duncan, a former consultant Vitol. "Now the company can get the exclusive right to trade Libyan oil. No need to be a supporter of the vile despot Gaddafi to question the motives of the West who supported the Libyan rebels "- protested the deputy.

MPs skeptics behold the future of Libya in the somber tones, the newspaper notes. They fear that the design will come to power Islamists who overran the country will get a tool for terrorists, and Libya to the long years mired in civilian war. But the vote they were in the minority, and in the final text of the resolution, none of their comments were not included.

Libyans themselves, too, are afraid that the country after the incident did not escape from the clutches of the extremists, reports "Rosbalt". Although the head of the NTC, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, and said that in the base of the new Libyan laws will be based on the principles of Islamic law, meanwhile, of course, that the criteria for continuing civilian war the real power in the country are not politicians, intellectuals, wrote "Rosbalt". At the moment and in the foreseeable future, "politics" in Libya will do the warlords, the newspaper notes. Do they have a gun and power, with which they are unlikely to be willing to part. Specifically military lower and middle levels actually led an armed movement for the complete overthrow of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. And these people are the force associated with political Islam. It is unlikely that they are in solida
rity with all those who have almost officially unveils its latest power Libya.

Noteworthy that in the report posted on Tuesday, an international human rights organization Amnesty International «The Battle for Libya: Killings, disappearances, torture," contains information about the violent actions of the rebel forces, which are "absolute impunity lynched, shot, hanged and killed by other methods 10s captured soldier and suspected mercenaries, "Gaddafi supporters. And now these people with ecstasy (as consider the new Libyan authorities) should be involved in the process of building a "moderate Islamic democracy"?

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