Lieberman: arm the Syrian rebels!

Lieberman: arm the Syrian rebels!February 5, U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman urged the administration of President conceive of the military and other assistance to the Syrian rebels — if only China and our home will not change his position in the UN Security Council. We are talking about the famous resolution on Syria. «» reports that Senator Lieberman, in addition, expressed his admiration for the courage of Syrians who continue to resist the regime.

The senator said that the Syrian President Assad does not hold the power. Is not the question, but only in that will last a long time if the bloodshed.

According to Lieberman, position Russia and China does not give the ability of the UN Security Council to begin the act. But you can not sit, warehouses hands! Lieberman believes that the U.S. should see the adoption of measures by the Arab League. While it is the forwarding of the "Free Syrian Army" guns and drugs. In addition, according to Lieberman, probable and support for the rebels in the form of providing them with intelligence.

The other day, our homeland and China used their veto power in the Security Council vote is taken on the Moroccan delegation draft resolution on Syria. In support of this document was sponsored by seven states voted thirteen countries, and — against two.

Later Churkin, Russia's permanent representative to the UN, said that in reviewing the UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria Russian proceeded from the position that the aforesaid document should not be the reason for the use of military force in Syria.

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