Life-giving ceremonies

Life-giving ceremonies are necessary and integral part of the life of every Slav. They provide their spiritual development as a person Dazhbog grandson, a descendant of the Gods of Light. Playing to the life-giving ceremonies for the harmonization of Rod Ruska, self-construction of the Holy Warth (Varna, states) of the Aryan society.



Rite of naming — an obligatory component of human spiritual development. The purpose of the ritual is the communion Rusin (Slav) to Great Rod Slavic and streamlining its spirit and soul. Spirit — is the quality of the person, the soul — its essence, the soul is the man himself. The spirit of man provides for the development of Soul, her rise to higher levels of development, the Spirit — Warnow sign. Not perceiving his Spirit, acting inappropriately in quality, can be distorted destiny, hold spiritual development.

In families Ognischan held no later naming of the fortieth day of the birth. The first time naming Rusin but mundane (public), is given the name of God, which is known only to parents and Spiritual Guide. At age 14, during the second naming, it is called the child.

Spiritual Guide to know when a child conceived, that soul which encourages parents Ancestor. It determines under what constellation child born, takes account of dark or light was the time of the Annual Circle, correlates with other calendar dates. In this Spiritual Guide carefully consults with parents, he says, what name to give the best for their child. However, the final decision can only take them. For their part, parents should listen to the advice of the Spiritual Guide. If they do not like the name, they must think carefully, as Spiritual Guide acts according Pocono. The second and third are age naming dedications, which are held in other ceremonies. Invited to attend the naming only close relatives.

Naming — this is just one of the maternity practices. In front of him are: birth, choice named child naming Virgin mothers, the choice godparents; rite of initiation to generic Ohnište child (his home), ritual circuit Gate Nava ("cream"). Rounding out the birthing rituals trimmed (in a year).


Rite aims to permanently remove the child from the world Nava, fill parental blessing, to give a good start in the explicit world order spiritual, energetic and physical integrity of the child.


Lightning spiritual — is the introduction of the girls in the temple (in the temple). Lightning social — awareness of the girl of the same sex and nasal right way for future women. The ritual is designed to fill the girl female force on the first steps of self-realization of the same sex, as well as harmonize the spiritual, energetic and physical integrity of the girls.

When she turns three, held her dedication to the future Beregin kind. At this time, people had to star-Veschunka — Goddess Ushas and sacred rites in temples or houses of Kin Ohnište light to it for girls' shower, conceived in their ability to female wisdom and magic to create a kind of light — Rodosveta.

SLAVBA Vesta and Ushas

"… And ancestors told that the morning star Ushas sky opens very early, produces dew blessed to Earth and takes golden horse Dazhbog father that he is above the Earth-Mother got up, it warmed his warm and lit the light of day on it. In the evening, the evening star Dazhbog meets West, which takes away from Dazhbog Goldrinn horse, and leaves Sun God to rest. Asterisk key closes the evening sky, and then rises above the Earth Month Clear — Horse, so people do not remain in the darkness, giving them the light that day preserved in a … "

And since that time people hold sacred our heavenly bodies, as they are for us — the Goddess Mother. The glory of his temples, and one of these temples was dedicated to the stars — the evening and morning. Care of him and the vestal priestesses — virgins chaste, which could not always see eye mundane until it turns 25 years old. After that, if desired, they could go to the people and get married. These girls are always very much appreciated, and their wives took the great rulers of the people responsible. And if you do not want to leave virgin their abode, then she came to the community and assist in the education of girls. In this temple came to women, and there vestal priestesses and heal their body and soul. It was in this temple at the girl was held devoted to the introduction.


Rite approved child in the way of independent development, out of the niche of the child in the girl's condition. Social objective — transfer from the state girls passive learning in a family in a state of active learning in the community. The ritual is designed to fill the female force girl Native Goddesses at the second stage of self-realization of the same sex, as well as harmonize the spiritual, energetic and physical integrity of the girls.

When she was six years old, held a dedication that allows your daughter to actively learn skills of an adult woman. At this time, comes to people Lola — Goddess that nurtures a girl for so long, when it's time to learn the tricks of a girl married life. Lola then transmits the guardianship of the goddess Vesta, who taught her to understand a man, to perform the duties of his wife, etc. And only then she is ready to get married.

Tonsured BOY

Rite aims to permanently remove the child from the world Nava, to fill the family's blessing, to give a good start in the explicit world order spiritual, energetic and physical integrity of the child.


Rite should approve the mind of a child belonging to the male sex, to fill the family's blessing, male power and awaken the spiritual qualities associated with the male essence, the spiritual order, energy and physical integrity of the child.

This is — an extraordinary event in the life of your son now has a holiday. Family accepts him as a man of the future. This happens age initiation of three years, it is popularly called the "mounted on the horse." So, that should give it the dedication:
First, it brought fixing traits (courage, self-restraint, firmness, courage, perseverance, confidence, strength). It is now, more than ever, the father sees how assimilated his science — in the extreme conditions of the child show his true character.

Secondly, it is the inner strength boy, who during the great trial will show itself in it. It is this inner strength activates all cherished it masculine qualities. After this initiation father will cultivate all manifested traits. Education will be given a new much more difficult.

Thirdly, the first touching the boy to the invisible and the visible power animal teaches him to master the unknown, especially when this unknown is much bigger than him, and, moreover, are not. Touching the consciousness of the animal, its energy force in the child discloses the conventional sense. The boy seemed into a world where borders are not the kind that have been so far — they are much wider.

And fourth, the boy sits on a horse, his sexual organs receive such a charge male birthing power that can not be compared to anything else. Power horse activates all its fertility and sexual function. After this ceremony your son in the future suffer impotence or infertility will not. Will, perhaps, congenital abnormalities or acquired health problems. And if the guy will lead a good life, then his health in this area do not have to worry.

On how to behave in a horse and a boy at the time of initiation, it is possible to judge the fate of the child, and about his character. On this we will tell you later, and now — the horse as a being a magic:
Horse — our ancestors — is considered a carrier between the worlds of Java and Nava. The horse has a deep magical essence. He — the best sister for a warrior, a man in the songs often called him brother. Horse — an independent animal, strong, bold and spirited. This thoroughbred horse can ride only one who has a brave and strong character, as well feels his horse rider. Often the horse feels the danger sooner than people. This animal is very noble and strong. These qualities, among others, and forms a horse boy.


Adoption of a child in the way of self-development, out of the niche of the child in the boy. Social objective — transfer of the child from the state of passive learning in a family in a state of active learning in the community. The ritual is designed to fill the boy's masculine strength of Native Gods in the second stage of self-realization of the same sex, as well as harmonize the spiritual, energetic and physical integrity of the boy.
When the boy turns eight years old, held a dedication that allows your son to actively learn skills adult. At this time, comes to people Yarylo — God, who takes care of the boy, until it's time to teach him the tricks of the social life.

DEDICATION In Vedic Orthodoxy

Any denomination system is based on the authority of spiritual knowledge, whose guardian he stands for. In Vedic practices, the Vedic peoples knowledge recognized valid only when received were from a spiritual teacher or mentor.
For example, even today in Ukrainian villages voodoo knowledge is passed on from teacher to student, it often occurs within the same family. Probably, our culture does not know where to place the medicine man or Sage as a holder without his trade from the Teacher, but only from books or personal developments. These "self-taught" as a rule, one does not go for help. This is natural, because you never know what can turn this assistance in the future, this man is not a verified millennia of experience. And most importantly, the experience and knowledge they have not been received from the gods, the ancestors. That is not Zeal.

Today the dictionary defines the term "Zeal" as "assistance, care about someone, something, display diligence in relation to someone else." But the Orthodox Rodnoverie survived pradavnee, otchee meaning of the word — "to live in the Sun", "keep the light of knowledge," "keep the sun of knowledge." Accordingly, the ceremony itself produce solar knowledge of the Spiritual Master is also called Zeal.

That line of spiritual transmission, which remains in the ancestral Native Ohnište Orthodox Faith, called Raden Svarog, as revived in the world by the Father Svarog 25 thousand years ago. From then until the present day student's transmission has never been interrupted. Chain Spasov Vedic orthodoxy is: Father Bohumír — 25 000 years ago, after it — Father Dazhbo — 10 000 years ago, Father Frame — 7500 years ago, Father Ory — 5000 years ago, Father decks (OIL) — 2500 and Father Mother — 1000 years ago. Then the chain is on the student's transfer osnovopolozhnym Teachers Magi-Guardian, which were Pervovolhvami Circle Guardian and Supreme Magi Ohnište delivery. This is our Forefathers: Volga-Magus, Magura, Ramadar, Jaroslaw, Kryshen, Sava Tour Osmomysl, Mirobozh, Vsevolod, Bogodar, Yasnozor, Radogost, Wise, Svyatoslav Danimir, Savra, Vyacheslav. From his father, Vyacheslav Veda was his father, Vladimir, and from him — the wise men of the outer circle. Magi from the outer circle Zeal Svarog take all Orthodox Rodnoverie.

In addition to shifting the spiritual teachings of Vedic orthodoxy, ritual rites opens a stream alive, Light Rod of God, revealed Slavic name and take the oath of allegiance to the spiritual master.

Zeal — is not only kladoryad (system) ritual actions, it is the deep change of outlook, the mind and body of man. Today, everyone who really wants to, can enter into Zeal Svarog become Arius from the sun, strong, noble soul, regardless of age, gender, social and property status. To do this, characterful transition to a new way of life. This method is showing signs of Vedic man: that the consumption of beef, intoxicating drinks, tobacco, and extramarital and premarital sex, profanity and all sorts of falsehoods.
Orthodox Rodnoverie begins to create their own living space — with good thoughts (changing world) and good works (embodied worldview). He realizes that he is in the middle of it. The causes of their victories and their defeats Slav looking not cunning enemies and confidence. For his achievements, he thanked God Rod, because itself is a part of originator. Failure as their Orthodox Rodnoverie perceives as a clue from the gods and an occasion for self-improvement. Because people — is the embodiment of the divine essence, which develops through multiple reincarnations — Koloroda.

Zeal — a step on the path to God-manhood, because Kolorod eventually leads us precisely to ascend to the level of God-Man. Divine-human world finds its reflection in the appropriate symbols, because symbols — a concentrated outlook. Symbol of Vedic thought is Alatyr — inclusive character of the universe. Alatyr arias like that: the center of the Universe is its originator, which our ancestors called Hailing the Supreme; center of the solar system and our Father (Heavenly Ancestor) is the sun, which we call Dazhbog, of Vedic culture is Aratta-Rus, so Alatyr is a symbol of this holy ground present at most embroideries. Here in the northern Black Sea region, there was a white man and the Aryan race, so Alatyr — her character. Tangible proof of this is the rich variety of images in Alatyr embroideries on ceramics, painted eggs, architecture, etc. Therefore, taking Zeal Svarog, Orthodox Rodnoverie accept and open symbols Alatyr as your everyday charm.

Once people make the transition from victim to outlook outlook master creator of his destiny, after operating time it will take the Vedic people, Aria, is self empowerment — Zeal. Almost Dedication through 40-day cleansing with Koloslova execution. The number 40 symbolizes liberation from the shackles of outdated and dying world, and opening yourself up to a new, young, ardent life.

Within 40 days a person does not eat meat and do not consume drugs (intoxicating drinks, coffee, tobacco), escapes of dirt and unworthy behavior, severely limits the viewing of television programs, refrain from profanity and other bad habits. He controls his senses and tries not to succumb to fear, anxiety, hatred, jealousy and other negative emotions. He twice a day — morning and evening — a prayer three laps Koloslovo. As you read, it opens to the luminiferous stream (Rod Light of God). Stream runs through all his charms and is a land, joining the core of Mother Earth.

Within 40 days of a man transformed. Is purification of the soul and spirit, there is a positive outlook on life and self-confidence. Produce more vitality. Are attracted to a man positive people and positive events — on the principle of "like attracts like." A person improves fate, he finds himself under the protection of the higher forces of light are right. It improves cognitive abilities, clearer mind, it starts much better distinguish between truth and falsehood. Young people quickly go to self-realization, and seniors — rejuvenated. The criterion that the Dedication took place, is a sense of healing and calm inner strength.

The new man, born after the passage of rites, needs a new name for the world and the universe. He needs a new name. With Spiritual Guide person spends practice "Wood type" looking marks on his soul and defines a new name — the mundane and generic. Generic name — the name of the newly born Vedic man — it reveals only the Gods. In everyday life, it uses the mundane.

Another important outward manifestation of inner transformation is a change in clothing. This is another way of self-determination of the new people — Rusyns, which helps to find your:
First, the Orthodox Rodnoverie not bears any advertising of foreign firms or simply meaningless labels. He recognizes only native, solar symbols, and above all, all kinds of forms and alatyr Svarga, because they are symbols of God and Rod Svarog.
Second, the Orthodox tradition bad about tattoos, body piercing metallic objects (exception — for earrings in the ears), clipping the hair and other "enhancements" of the human body (except cutting nails). The use of tattoos and, in particular, piercing to the Vedic point of view is a sign of lack of consciousness, ignorance or spiritual and physical degeneration.

After accession to Raden Svarog every Orthodox Rodnoverie feels a natural desire to share this gift with others. He trains his relatives, friends and acquaintances to help them break out of the shackles of the "matrix", healed by Alive and healthy lifestyle, educates, organizes, supports and protects. Gradually formed around the community of supporters, and he becomes the spiritual guide of the society, no matter how old he is — 18 or 80. Birth of the community is a sign of its ability to achieve tangible positive results in the specific activity (science, art, healing, publishing, manufacturing, trade, etc.) and the official state registration.

Form of organization is the network Rodnoverie orthodox Vedic communities. The logical conclusion of this organizational network would be the World Spiritual Power — Generic Ohnište native Orthodox Faith.


This ordinance is intended to bring together two loving hearts, to bless them for the creation of life and fill them with the appropriate force and verve. First consider the wedding ceremony, we have to stop and re-emphasize the importance of the Pocono and Custom in representations of Orthodox Rodnoverie. Pocono — is invariable course, the essence of life-Being. Tradition — a specific, temporary, marginal and generic manifestation Pocono corresponding period Pores Svarog (Morning, Day, Dusk, Night). So, according to the Pocono Rod Almighty, wedding ceremony can take place on the adult men and women who do not have a common blood relatives to the seventh generation, and which belong to the genera with white skin. Any deviation from the Pocono is a perversion.

Marriage custom in Russia is different. Our ancestors were known for these types of marriage: by stealing the bride, bride purchases, contracts and celestial marriage. They all conform to a particular time Pores Svarog. Celestial marriage characteristic Morning Svarog, contracts — Day Svarog purchase — Twilight Svarog theft — Night of Svarog.

Now we live in the time of the Morning Svarog, during the transition to the morning of Svarog, a return to the Light customs. Hence, it is now important for us to revive the Heavenly marriage and wedding ceremony, it corresponds to. Celestial marriages were created, based on the Vedas that this happens in the Blue Svarga, so do the gods Trisvetlye. Here's how to sing it in our ancestral songs:

Rose star, star rose, month delayed,
Girl came out, Cossack delayed.

Trisvetlyh gods personifying the heavenly bodies, we glorify their marriages and unions. Marriage is associated with the Earth corresponds to the action in the sky. The main participants of the celestial marriages of Rusyns are the moon and stars, the moon and the sun, lightning and cloud (cloud).

Wedding — this is only part of the chain of wedding ceremonies Rusinov. In general, these rituals consist of three parts: pre-wedding, wedding and poslesvadebnoy. In the pre-wedding part includes Brokage, persuasion, bride, engagement, breaking the loaves and the bachelorette party. At the wedding — an invitation, wedding, bestowing, planted young unwinding braids section loaf, transportation dowry, rename, naryazhanie. In poslesvadebnye — bread (white bun), svahino and guest.

Without touching the full ritual Circle, we emphasize that its holding is entitled only to the girl who remained chaste until marriage.

The word "shlyub" (marriage — rus.) Comes from staroruskogo "zlyub" that is, a family of love. Rusyns have not taken forcibly marry young, this custom has long makes us even among close to us of the Slavic peoples. When it was night Svarog, we now have a form of marriage, such as stealing (in falsehood), because the church interfered to marry without her blessing, and delivery lost influence on young people, as the priests could marry secretly. But, despite all this, up to 19 st. including Ukraine, Russia church marriage is not valid until it is recognized by the Company due to a wedding ceremony.

Families were created "out of love" because it helped Generic Pocono, which allowed the so-called "trial marriages" — when young lived together, not to have sexual relations — so to speak, to get used to each other. When young it turns out that for each other, and can create a strong family, the Magi gave them the right to a wedding. Thus, do not create violence and preserve the purity of the girl.

After the wedding, staged a "good" (or "bad") on Monday, that is hung young wedding shirt with a "snowball", "wreath", or, as some say, "the girl's honor." Then a young matchmaker red sash belts and put on her rich shawl. If the shirt is not hung or was not "snowball", the fate of the girls could emerge quite tragic. In customs to be that if the matchmaker podvyazhet belt unfair young, then matchmaker children can die and the cattle on the farm, and if it will make itself young, all troubles will go for it. Even if the absence of a "wreath" was involved himself young, young red belt is not tied up. Thus, the custom of premarital sex were not welcomed, and those who violate this law in the society became the object of universal condemnation and contempt.

Wedding — is sanctified Native (as a community, people). The very word is like the word "wreath", because it is exchanged garlands young. Orthodox Church for a long time tried to usurp the right of the wedding, but even in the eighteenth century. Rusyns did not recognize the church wedding. And those apostates who, in violation of the Pocono, took the church wedding, forbidden to live together before marriage. Only in 1744, the Synod ordered the young to live together before marriage, if they took the church wedding.

If parents marriage blessed name of his family and empowers immediate ancestors, the Magus bless and empower the Spirit of Family Ruska, the unity of all the Slavic gods. In ancient times, the wedding took place in the temples of Svarog and Lada as a guardian of marriage. At the time of the rule of heterodoxy priests to marry in the sacred gardens near the green willows. So now we are holding a wedding in the holy gardens and shrines of Native ancestors.


Rodovarta — a dedication to Ognischane. Ognischanin — a full member of Generic Ohnište. In gray davninu ognischanami called all full members of kind, that is, those who cared about generic Ohnište. They were leading tribal layer protoslavyan, Slav and Ruthenians. Powerful Generic Ohnište subjugated small and weak — and so create a large tribal alliances. They created Ognischane.

"But a lot of trouble early cold brought. That moved here and settled in the land ognischanami Ruthenian. "(Book of Veles). That is, ognischane — is voluntary, self-sufficient people, Ruthenians, who own their own destiny. They are led by the Light of the Ancestors are the paths are right, not recognizing any of a yoke. "It was a once-Oseden Ognischanin, and this was the pious." For Ognischanina honor — above all! Family honor, the honor of the Warta (Varna), honor of the nation, the honor of the State.
Today Ognischanami are those Ruthenians, who not only understood, and returned to the faith of the ancestors, and consciously and actively have joined to create the spiritual powers Rusyns — Generic Ohnište. Ognischaninom Rodnoverie is Orthodox, who not only attends ezhevoskresnye pravoslavleniya and adheres to the Annual Feast of the Circle, he is the creator of the active life of the community, his life — it is an offering to the gods and native motherland. Ognischane — is the spine and backbone of Generic Ohnište native Orthodox Faith. Ognischane only be old age of our communities.

Becoming Ognischaninom, Rodnoverie rises to a higher level of spiritual development and leads the race. Consecration in Ognischane is one of the most important public dedications. Not all are able to overcome this life abroad, but, having won it Rodnoverie becomes free and independent person. Ognischanin he makes all the important decisions in their lives, except for Native Gods and the Head of him there is no one in all his actions, he will be responsible to the goddess Karni. For initiation should be a family Rodnoverie that will testify to the general solution and meet the generic nature of the Faith-Veda Rusinov.

(Treasure, buried)

This rite concludes Rusin lives in Java. The holding of this ceremony is just as important as the implementation of other life-giving ceremonies. He, so to speak, closed circle of Java and the Slav soul translates to "The Light" in Iriy Light, where the soul goes in the right. If Slav legitimate rights, walked in falsehood — he heavy with your soul and she can not get up in Svarga, and falls under the weight of falsehood in Nauvoo. This understanding of the Circle Zhivoyavleniya common to all the peoples of the Aryan (Indo-European) language family, and initially it was all the peoples White Race.

The Slavs, unlike the Indian Aryans, the doctrine of the Circle Zhivoyavleniya remained incomplete. Such a situation we associate primarily with long-term pursuit of Generic Alignments another religion. Preserved among the Slavs idea that after death the soul of the deceased embodied in different plants and animals depending on the kind of life he lived people. This direction Zhivoyavleniya Circle is just one of the options. This is the path of the soul sinking to a lower level of development in the world of plants and animals. At the same time ignorant of the way of the ascent to the higher levels remained lower. Well described in the book A.Tokareva, where he gives the example of the ancient ideas of reincarnation: "This is your ancestor, it's you, what were you when traveling through this land during his previous incarnation."

The confirmation of the reincarnation of the Vedas are existing in people still view that children (souls of the children) brought by a stork. Birds — Peace Messengers Ancestors. Souls of the dead, our ancestors imagined it in the form of birds. Like birds, they rise in Iriy. Hence a saying: "Birds fly in Iriy." We also know that there are a number of Slavs beliefs associated with fortune-telling on the behavior of birds. A bird-Veshchunov from ancestors always was a crow, and this is confirmed by the people's perception of it. In addition, the ancestors' graves, cemeteries were located in the Slavs and posted so far in Ukraine, Russia, close to the villages, and sometimes in the villages themselves. This symbolized the continuity of the worlds Nava and Java, as the Book of Veles: "… before there Nava, and after that there Nava, and from it, as yarn, runs Java" — and again, "and skills are not afraid, because Nava has no power against us "- meaning that the ancestors are not working against children. Echo destroyed the doctrine of reincarnation of the soul is Podolsk custom invocation of dead relatives to the wedding and the beginning of her marriage to the funeral ceremony. Newlyweds so called ancestors' souls incarnated in their offspring. There was also the custom of burning Christmas Diduh the grave baby, which also symbolized the call of the soul to be reborn — a reference to the revival of the Sun-Bozic for Christmas.

Iriy Light — is "The Light", the seat of the souls of ancestors on their way to the world of rules, it is a kind of sieve, through which the soul rises to God's worlds, or return to the world of Java through Nav.

The holding of the funeral rite provides quiet flight of souls into other worlds and protect the living from the evil influence of spirits of the dead. Spirit — is the quality of the individual, certain of its properties. Distorting the ceremony, we give to the fact that the spirit of the deceased, instead, to join with the Spirit of Family, wanders through the world of Java, causing harm and misery alive.

Funeral rites Ruthenians and all Slavs come a long way coexistence and periodic replacement telozahoroneniya telosozhzheniem and noborot. The first type of funeral, burial of the body was contorted in the lateral position, which, according to scientists, symbolize the restoration of embryonic human condition and, therefore, a belief in rebirth after death, the belief that death is only the birth to go to another world. In Tripoli, the custom of burial goes to the custom of burning and transferred to our direct ancestors — the Slavs. This transition appears to have been due to the fact that our ancestors developed the idea (the Veda) the existence of Iria, the seat of the souls of ancestors, and Iriy that exists in Svarga Pure, the fastest fall from Generic Ohnište smoke that rises to Heaven . Hence the name of the funeral fire — stealing. This name was formed as a result of the transition in the first syllable sound "l" to "p", typical of the Slavs (compare: "loaf" — a round "loaf"), although the original word was a "treasure." Starorusky preposition "to", "to" in the modern Russian language retained its importance, "to belong to something." Since the "Harmony" — the Supreme Mother Goddess, and "Lad" — another name Svarog, therefore, the deceased went to the World of the Gods, which is native ancestors. Therefore, stealing — the rite, to unite with the soul of the deceased ancestors, thus maintaining the LAD (order) in the Circle Zhivoyavleniya.

And at the burial, and the burning of the dead Ruthenians put his head to the West, that is, until it was turned facing the East, looked to the East — a place where the sun is born. This was to symbolize his future revival.
Thus, both the burial and burning of fully comply with the custom of the funeral and the Pocono Family God — the unwritten law of life. The predominance of one or another rite depended on various circumstances — the level of knowledge, the necessity of nature, external pressure, etc. The word "grave" means "may", "Mogutnov." The graves of the ancestors — Power of the Spirit of our species. Recall how skolotsky king Dantur (Idantirs) said Percy, who came to our land by the war: "We have the graves of our ancestors. Come on, take it off and try to harm them. Then you will see whether we will fight with you for our graves or not. " Burying the dead in their graves, the ancestors are trying to hold their power of the Spirit, and this was associated with the onset of heterodoxy.

Today we update Rite steal, for the earth is filled with the bodies of our ancestors buried not in Pocono. Their spirit yearns and seeks to unite in Rhode Supreme. That is why we are divided in Java, that the spirits of ancestors are not united with the spirit of Rod.


Trizna — it slavlenie Gods devoted solely to the remembrance of the dead. This ritual action affirms eternal victory of life over death by the unity of the three worlds in Triglav Rod Almighty. "Trizna" — an abbreviation of word formation "Triglav (Trinity, three of the world) know", that is, be in charge of a community of three levels of existence and fulfill the sacred duty of maintaining communication between the generations, regardless of the seat of the Ancestors. During this ceremony performed slavleniya and prayers to native gods who are in the rules, Java and Naveh, extolled their greatness, justice, and mercy, and praised the feats and charitable affairs of famous heroes and the dead ancestors of our species. At feasts demonstrated profound awareness of reality, justice, dignity and sincerity descendants. With this memorial rite Orthodox Rodnoverie turn to gods to protect and defend the dead krovniki, give them opportunity to correct any deed of falsehood (if any) and get a decent life in a world where they stay until the birth in Java. Slavleniya Gods are in the form of prayers, chants, ritual dances, games and contests.

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