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If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the home, you can instantly feel the warmth and quiet strength of fire in your home. Since ancient times, fire was a symbol of protection and spirituality. But even a simple spark ignition creates a special romantic mood and a sense of the flow of fresh energy. By choosing candles, pay attention to their color and the material of which they are made. For ceremonial purposes, purification of space and increasing energy use wax candles are made by hand.

Feng Shui recommends lighting candles in the north-eastern area of the house to increase the influence of the earth. But you can use the cleansing power of the flame wherever you need to disperse stagnant energy: in alcoves, niches, corners of rooms.

Choosing a color candle, think about the goals you want to achieve. Pink candles attract the feeling of love, help to establish contact with children.

If you are tired of life and want to bring into the house a sense of peace and balance, use candles of various shades of blue.

Red candles enhance the sensuality, passion and physical activity. If in a relationship with someone you feel cool, light a red candle in the south-western part of the bedroom.

I love the yellow candles that fill the house with the energy of optimism, luck and creativity. Their well-ignite in the presence of guests that you love to philosophize.

Green candles encourage a sense of harmony, peace and healing. They also lit if they want to achieve abundance. It is appropriate to do so in the south-eastern area of wealth.

If you want to have a party, prepare the orange candle. They bring a sense of joy, camaraderie and enthusiasm.

Purple candles will give you the ability to penetrate deeper into the world of mystery, intuition, and self-knowledge.

White candles include all colors. They can be used at any time and in any place. They give the strongest feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Candles as decoration festive table is selected in one color with a tablecloth, napkins and other accessories. Covering a cold table, it is better to choose the high candlesticks and long candles to a lit candle did not heat cold snacks. In general, a low candlesticks taken place long candles, and tall — short. It looks good composition of several candles in a bowl. First, it secured a candle, then pour water into it and drop flowers on short stems.

Candles will burn longer if they are strongly cooled. Therefore, before a festive evening for a couple of hours they put in the fridge. Metal instruments on the holiday table and crystal should be thoroughly washed to ensure that multiple refraction of light the candles.

Lighting a candle, take a look at the flames a few minutes in silence. Connect to the Spirit of Fire. And with a sense of gratitude, open your heart to the visions of the future.

Cleansing space

Purification rituals space is difficult to explain from a scientific point of view. They relate more to the esoteric or the border of psychology. But for us it is important to give the result. Moreover, even a certain amount of skepticism in these classes do not interfere with feel the changes that followed after the ritual. But it is better if you treat it seriously and sfokusiruete their attention on the target you want to achieve.

You can use the following ritual to strengthen energy security and safety in your home.

Stand at the front door. Relax. Feel your breath, your hands, feet, the temperature of the surrounding air. Concentrate only on the sensations. Stay in this position for as long as you tell intuition. When you feel a little "flush" clearly and concisely specify instructions to your subconscious mind. For example: "Let my house will be full cup of love, joy and inspiration." Repeat this phrase a few times is not necessary. Then light a candle in a glass lamp. Look in the center of the flame and imagine that this light is expanding, and you find yourself in the center of the shimmering sphere of light. Keep the candle at the center of the chest, connecting the flame effect with his power and intent. Lift up the candle, calling light "to go down to your house", then lower to the center of the chest, move left and right. You create cross — a symbol of protection and strength. Walk around the house, doing this ritual where you think is necessary. It is better if everything will happen spontaneously, without stress and extraneous thoughts. Well, if your movements will resemble a dance with a candle.

When popping candles on a birthday cake can be seriously guessing desire, perhaps, visual concentration on a vibrating flame gives a special thought-form associated with the unconscious.

Irina Zvyagina


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