Lipetsk center

Its history began during the First World War. First workshops to gather French planes came here in 1916. In 1918 in Lipetsk started to create a squadron of bombers languid "Ilya Muromets", which was based at the airport, located at that time on the outskirts of town. Lipetsk bombers took an active role in the fighting during the civilian war.

In the spring of 1923 began the creation of the Lipetsk aviation school created to train future aviators. In 1925, it was decided to form the basis for its secret Soviet-German aviation school.

German experts at re-equipped manufacturing facilities, built two hangars and repair shop. The Soviet-German tactical flight school opened in July 1925. There were 15 fighters "Fokker D-HS", which were acquired in 1923-25-ies in the years of the Franco-Belgian occupation of the Ruhr.

Over the next 3 years, the Germans have invested in the development of the aviation school more than a million gold rubles — a huge sum in those days.

Vital functions of flight school provided a network of facilities that are in various Russian towns of the Union. In 1927, Lipetsk aviatsentr began to play an important role as a testing ground, which were worked out methods of conducting air battles, been tested armored German aircraft manufacturers, equipment and weapons for the aircraft — optical devices, guns, guns.

After Hitler came to power cooperation Russian and German professionals had declined in August 1933 aircraft school was closed. During the period of its operation has been prepared 130 German pilots. After the liquidation of all of its facilities and most of the equipment donated were given Russian side.

First, in 1934 on the basis of the former joint flying school started Graduate tactical flight school The Air Force.

After the war, flying school was rearmed at Jets, was created a new training regiment, which was preparing for the commander of a distant aviation units. Then the two airfields were built.

In 1980, the Lipetsk aviation center was opened museum, the exhibition which introduces the basic steps of the development of aviation in the town, from the aircraft, "Ilya Muromets" to this day. In the middle of the museum exhibits — models of aircraft, aircraft armament and equipment, gifts aviation center.

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