Lithuania fanning political scandal

Lithuania fanning political scandalIt all began on July 14. Arrived in Austria on business, last commander of the "Alpha" — Misha Holovaty, he was placed on remand on the European arrest warrant exiled Vilnius. The last Russian special forces, accused of Lithuania in the "crimes against humanity" committed by the views of Vilnius, on the night of January 13, 1991. 20 years ago, the group "Alpha" was ordered to storm the television center of the capital of Lithuania, in which snipers entrenched Lithuanian organization "Sąjūdis." The purpose of the Lithuanian rebels to provoke a peaceful demonstration in the town on the mess. During the exchange of fire with "alfovtsami", 13 militants were killed, and one special forces officer died, killed by a shot to the back.

July 15 Austrian authorities notified the Vilnius detention Golovatova. Lithuania, during a telephone conversation of ministers of foreign affairs of these countries claimed the immediate issuance of "criminal" referring to the "norms" of international law.

Austrian side was given 10 days to the acceptance of the solution, but they did not reflect long. On the night of 16th, Holovaty, was released in a critical manner and flew back to Russia. The arrest was not renewed due to the fact that the Lithuanian side has provided no evidence against the former Russian officer. As in Vilnius learned of the decision of the Austrian authorities, the address in this country were confronted by accusations of "violating international law." Lithuanian Foreign Ministry officially withdrew its own ambassador from Vienna, and Lithuanian nationalists held a protest in the capital of Austria, against the decision on the release of a Russian citizen. Go with this, the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria was subjected to DOS-attack by unknown attackers in the end that was not available a few hours. Also, in almost all Lithuanian newspapers were written articles calling Austria "litter Russia" and all in the same spirit. Really very weird behavior of Lithuanian country, claiming the title of "civilized European country." For example, a member of the "Brotherhood advocates the independence of Lithuania" — Auksute Ramanauskayte-Skokauskene, accused throughout Russia. "… Russia put pressure on Austria, demanding the release of Misha Golovatova." And further "… All the inhabitants of Lithuania feel humiliated and insulted." As can be seen from the above, "Witch Hunt Russian period" in the Baltic countries is continuing, and at least some incident authorities of these countries consume in order to recall the Russian Federation during the "genocide". An attempt to storm the Lithuanian authorities to call the Vilnius television center Jan. 13, 91 — "genocide of the Lithuanian people," at least not correspond to reality. One common fact that on January 13, 1991 Lithuanian SSR, was part of the overall Russian country, and acts fighters unit "Alfa" (to follow orders) were almost completely focused on preserving the integrity of the country, confirms the absurdity of the charges brought against the Lithuanian side. Also, do not forget that it took the intervention special forces after the militants Lithuanian nationalist organization "Sąjūdis" opened fire on peaceful mass of people. In fact, these were guided by the Austrian authorities, when perceived the decision to release Russian citizen. With all this modern Lithuanian politicians forgets, that during those riots Lithuanian militants to provoke, was killed and injured no one inhabitant of Vilnius. But for some reason Offenders announced only Russian officers, who actually protected the inhabitants of Vilnius. As you can see, the school policy of double standards of the Lithuanian authorities have learned to "Excellent."

Not so long ago, it became clear that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania is going to appeal to the allies of NATO, in order to "condemn the violations of the law," the Austrian side.

Action between Austria and their Lithuanian "allies" in NATO justified that Europe still remained the country who really respect international law. And our diplomacy to more closely address the issues of Russian people in the Baltic Republics, until it was too late …

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