Lithuania is connected to the war lists, or attempt Bimbo Vilnius look and feel of the West

Lithuania is connected to the war lists, or new attempt to please the West of VilniusThere is in the world today enough of the whole essence of the outer, but sometimes the internal policy which is based on the unrestrained desire to leap over its history, blame all their own failures are not themselves and their power, but only because some third-party, allegedly chinivshuyu intrigues without interruption for lunch, and Happy holiday weekend. One of these countries is now the de jure-independent Lithuania, the rhetoric of the authorities to which all the past two years, the 10-ka revolves around a single theme: Our homeland is guilty of all failures of the Lithuanian people. Perhaps he Lithuanian people and would like to change the disk, look at the situation differently, but unless there in the current situation it can be? Certainly not. Why 'no'? Yes because Lithuania since the early 90's was to position itself as a government that for the sake of integration with the West (both military and economic) is actually ready for anything. Yes, in fact, the West in return for anything special and did not ask. Business as usual: the election only Russophobian power, continuous "exposure" Russian "occupation", the slogans about the infringement of democratic freedoms by the Moscow declaration on though what about the fact that our motherland can not be equal business partner. In general, a standard set of requirements for the terrain that so wishes to be cherished by someone's relatively warm wing. At first, warmed the warm wing of the USSR, and later felt that the heat slabnet, and slipped under the wing of some other organism. In other words, in principle, anyway, under whose wing sit, if only life was hearty and relaxed.

But recently time West (speak out so that the traditional West without innovation in the 90 — years in his country) so bothered her the position, which is always moaning Balts and other "recently odemokratizirovannyh" was frankly look over your fingers. This situation recalls a case where a child grant latest toy. The first time he played with it willingly, enjoys the present, but over time his enthusiasm is noticeably weaker, and the games are in the best case, he says, tell them so, huge prazdnichkom. From the West and its toy — Lithuania — business like this and situation. Pomatrosil pomatrosil-dozen or so years, but not annoyingly later gave to realize that they at the moment and other trouble enough …

And yet do you want to do in such a situation the state government is doing their utmost to show that they are still "hoo" — can show their loyalty to "democratic ideals" and play the necessary role of the West? And the ability to maneuver in the same Lithuanian authorities, honestly, is not much. To somehow attract the attention of democratizers, Vilnius is going on Thoren in 22 years of independence the road, specifically, again, to think about their own eastern neighbor, "bloodsuckers."

They wanted to remember — remember … And, of course, is not too far a good word. At this time, Lithuania has decided to go on trending the way and declare that it niskolechko no worse than others, and she also has the opportunity to make your own list. And that in fact other then the "Magnitsky list", the "list of Guantanamo," and worse than the Lithuanians still … And the truth — what? To prove that "no worse", invented its own list, which You can call 'list Paleckis "against Russia (against someone else).

Many readers may wonder, and who is such this Paleckis if his naming in Lithuania are going to call the whole anti-Russian law. Paleckis — is the head of the Lithuanian Socialist People's Front, which some time reversing his statements led wince entire democratic Lithuania. He (Algirdas Paleckis) stated that in January 1991, during the capture of Vilnius television center, their own shot. He said that the murders that fateful night hand in it is not Russian soldiers and local provocateurs. In other words, Paleckis one of the first Lithuanian politicians tried to uncover the truth behind the events 22 years ago for Lithuania itself, because before him on the ground throughout the Baltic countries were rooted ideology that all of the victims of the events of January 13, 1991 — the work of a group of fighters "A "or other Russian servicemen.

Lithuania is connected to the war lists, or new attempt to please the West of Vilnius
Algirdas Paleckis

It is worth recalling that the question of the time when Lithuania declared independence on its own, has met resistance explicit union center. Moscow sought to exclude the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic of the Union. During the time from March 1990 to January 1991 the struggle between Moscow and Vilnius was mainly economic and propaganda. Both sides tried to blame the opponent that a lot of that has been taken over, and cried out to the public.

Once drafted into the Soviet army Lithuanians defiantly refused to perform military duty own and made a spectacle of burning military cards on the area, the situation began to seriously escalate. In the end, the conflict ran into an active phase, when in January 1991 the military units under the control of Moscow, began to occupy the principal buildings and centers in the towns of Lithuania. It came to the role of men in the conflict of the "Alpha", which, according to the official version of Vilnius, is not just having an operation to capture the central television station of the Lithuanian capital, together with other Russian soldiers, and ruthlessly cracked down on Lithuanian television station intercessors. In 13 (14 by the Lithuanian) Lithuanian deaths on that fateful night of 13 January 1991 have been accused of specifically Russian soldiers. Frame it specifically members of "Alpha" staged massacre at TV center in Vilnius to accomplish the intended purpose. And, despite the fact that the puzzles of "Alpha" since the creation of this elite unit has never been conducting open warfare, even more so with the naked people, no long-term deal and did not think about it. Time, as they say, was that. If the operation involved Russian special services, then they hung up, and all the dogs. How else … KGB, the Communist plague, etc., etc. …

But time passed, but in this disaster, and Lithuanians themselves are not in a hurry to finish. Took the time to put even after Moscow "kindly" provided materials to the case of the seizure of the television center. Well, hardly put this point the new government of the Republic of Lithuania in general could afford for themselves. The fact is that after the first forensic examinations of corpses during the storming of the television center in Vilnius men appeared very weird part. They concluded that some victims of the assault were killed Russian officers with pistols, Kalashnikovs or their versions of modification, but from a very specific guns —
rifles Mosin (trehlineyka), which was carried out from 1891 to 1965. Evidence of the use of this particular tool steel properties wounds protesters also specifically bullets removed from the bodies of those killed. With all of this examination showed that the protesters were shooting from a certain height.

If so, it appears that either the Russian military, including members of the elite special forces "Alpha" in 1991 were armed with Mosin rifle, but still vpribavok and climbed on the roofs of nearby buildings, so by shooting by weight, boost mess, or by weight of the shot is not Russian soldiers … Agree, it is difficult to special units of the KGB in 1991, seeking to capture a particular object with dangling behind him trehlineykoy … This is the complexity of the presentation and gave rise to an alternate version of the events that took place January 13, 1991 in Lithuania. According to this version, at the time of the approach and the Russian soldier "alfovtsev" to the telecentre someone started a large-scale provocation by shooting at protesters with a view to accuse Moscow of trying to unleash to the same military conflict in Lithuania. Who developed the plan of provocation — as long as the issue, but in the world is lurking at some point becomes obvious. According to some reports, the organizers Straseni provocations could become a favorite of the Lithuanian movement for secession from the Soviet Union in Lithuania "Sąjūdis." Specifically, from the "Sąjūdis" then left many of those for whom the word of the "Soviet occupation" has become the main political slogan in the Republic of Lithuania of modern times.

Of course, the information that their could deliberately shoot your own, Lithuania became the thunder in the middle of the blue, as the base itself destroyed the Lithuanian country. This base — out from under "the yoke of the Soviet Union," which Tipo also wanted to resolve the situation with the independence of Lithuania by the military.

So here's a politician Paleckis to the Lithuanian authorities soon became a domestic enemy number one. Specifically, after his expressions about the strangeness of the situation January 13, 1991 in Lithuania began a discussion of what did, in fact, happened on that bloody night in the capital of the Lithuanian television station.

Surprisingly (though today's Baltic states, in principle, and not surprisingly), Paleckis have not prosecute him for the offense, but just only for expression. Tribunal over Algirdas Paleckis resembled a phantasmagoria in which she shaped as letters of Lithuanian laws become as trivial pseudo-democratic weakness. The verdict at first postponed and later acquitted policy in general … But here it was. If Paleckis Lithuania remained not criminally punished, the authorities have virtually admitted that he was right, which could not allow Vilnius by definition. Then the Tribunal decided to hold "until the bitter end." End of this place: Paleckis was "honored" conviction to a fine for … (get a grasp, PLEASE) "negation of Russian aggression against Lithuania." The penalty amounted to about 3 thousand euros. In addition to the fine official Vilnius now puts Paleckis almost as an enemy of the people, almost translating policy to the rank of persons persecuted for political reasons. The denial of Russian aggression in Lithuania, it turns out, a criminal offense …

As they say, is not this the apogee of democracy that someone else in the West is trying to teach the whole world. Paleckis tried to appeal to the Supreme Court of Lithuania, but what is there … Is Well Supreme Tribunal will go against the ghostly foundations of the existence of himself and other Lithuanian "independent" of the authorities.

Having come to grief in the Lithuanian courts Paleckis hopes for European justice. He decided to file a lawsuit in Strasbourg tribunal. With all this Algirdas himself says he does not expect a quick decision from Strasbourg arbitrators. Of course, that for the most European of his claim — a severe test. If we imagine that the Strasbourg suddenly it is found that Paleckis not guilty, it would be a very grave clicking on the nose clearly nationalist Lithuanian authorities. But at the same time, it will be a significant blow to Europe itself, to which the Lithuanian authorities have put their trust in '22 so … In general, found his match, with Vilnius himself driving itself apart in a same network.

And in that moment, that justify their exorbitant right and confirm "monstrous wrong" Paleckis, Vilnius is preparing its own list. This list is reported to have to enter those involved in the murders of peaceful inhabitants of the Lithuanian capital in the winter of 1991. The list is considered to be as much as 8 10-s names — the names of "Soviet criminals" who chose the sample to prevent the independence of Lithuania. What did these people expect from the list? Neuzh it will be a continuation of the Lithuanian "Magnitsky list"? If so, the Lithuanian authorities should ask the question: how can all the same be with rifles Mosin … Of course, the answer is we do not hear …

It is clear that while the official Vilnius simply no self pros and moral strength to admit its own large puncture, which has already managed to transform into an object inside-turvy state of self-identity.

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