Livni destroyed bridges and power lines in several Dagestani villages

Torrential rains have destroyed roads and pedestrian bridges, cliffs lines (PTL) and flooding of houses in several villages Tsumadin mountainous region of Dagestan, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday by calling a representative of the district administration.

"On Monday and Tuesday in the area have been heavy rains and hail, and then came a series of mudflows. As a result, in the village of Agvali broken levee along the river bank protection Gadirinka 150 meters long, are flooded and partially damaged houses and farm buildings. Gigatli damaged in the village two Transformer ", — he said.

In communities Agvali, Ghadiri, Tindi, Gigatli, Lower Gacvar, Echeda, Batlahatli severed wires and damaged a power pole with a total length of more than 3 kilometers.

According to him, in the village of Ghadiri also damaged road bridge in the village of Echeda damaged one car and one pedestrian bridge and the village Agvali hit two pedestrian bridge and the road bridge.

The amount of damage is specified.

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