Locust attacks Kharkiv region

In Dvurechanskom region Kharkov region registered seat locusts. The pest was on 100 hectares of perennial grasses, and gradually began to move on a sunflower in the neighborhood. This was "Glavred" the press service of the Hogan.

The press-service informed that the locusts survived thanks to a warm winter, so the threat of such centers exist in every district. Given the characteristics of the biology of the pest, which in a short period can cause significant damage until the complete destruction of sugar beet, corn, sunflower, millet in the Kharkiv region are planning to establish working groups to carry out a thorough survey of the possible dislocation of locusts, with particular attention to land nonarable and reserve lands.

Recall that the locust centers in some regions of Ukraine registered the last three years, due to the hot weather, which is conducive pests.

Last year in the five districts of Donetsk region noted locusts. It was registered in Maryinskiy, Volnovakha, Pervmayskom, Starobeshevo Telmanovsky areas and a total area of 70 hectares.

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