London and Washington con Israel

London and Washington con IsraelToday's action in the Arab countries are on the same scenario, with the events of the 30s in Europe. Then, the "civilized world" handed one position after another, one country after another to "appease" Hitler. He was given the Rhineland, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, have allowed without a fight in Spain seize power Franco — ally the Third Reich gave Poland. In the end, even gave France, exerting little resistance.

So for now, the same puppeteers, placed at the power "Elements" authoritarian regimes Arab states — Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, almost a revolution took place in Yemen, Syria, the same edge of revolution.

And how familiar — "unknown snipers" and "militants" were noted in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya. While owning information, know what it did for the "sniper and militants" — we October 1993, they too were noted, well and in Kyrgyzstan in 2010. Only the latest announcements — in Yemen Adventure (can be from fairy tale "Al-Qaeda") captured the city in the south of the country. Then the "rebels" captured the warehouse with the gun, which was later, after the sack exploded, killing over hundreds of local residents who came to profit, "what God has sent."

In Syria, the "unknown snipers" opened fire on law enforcement forces to the port of Latakia. "Unknown terrorists" almost left Israel without gas, NIGHT MODE attackers tried to undermine the pipeline Jordan-Israel. Saboteurs laid on the site of a huge bomb, but by good fortune, mechanism is in place did not work.

In Tel Aviv, have a good think about it, "it smells like fried" Israel "merge". Israel — a "scapegoat", always puppeteers for pogroms against the Jews, hiding their real actions. Preparations are under way for the "massacre" of the Jewish state. "

Who will lead the war Islamic radicals when capture power? Passionarnost will find their way out of the war with Israel, it is of course. Anglo-Saxons and their allies Zionist-fascists, not lift a finger, so to protect the Jews from Hitler, and at the present time they are "con" Israel. He did not need them, the Jews according to their plan, should be in a never-ending "scattering", without a homeland. Mafia is easier to manage than the people in their own land. Tel Aviv offers a very hard time, it is too late, an urgent need to set values in foreign policy and find new allies — Russian weapon procured need.

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