London information about the weapons will not transmit Moscow

London information about the weapons will not transmit MoscowBritain stop sharing military information with Russia. This was referring to the statement by David Lidington, Minister for European Affairs on November 25, said The Daily Express.

Minister said the decision was a response to the failure of Russian Federation to make commitments CFE (Contract an ordinary Armed Forces in Europe). Given contract obliges its members to share information, and regulates the European continent of ordinary weapons with restrictions on the total amount of military equipment and weapons in the region.

Moscow's role in the agreement was terminated in 2007 year. Since that time, according to Lidington, the other parties to the contract have been made "considerable efforts for the configuration of RF solutions."

"Since 2007, we have continued performance of the duties entrusted to us CFE, — Lidington said. — The United Kingdom, NATO allies, and the other States parties to the contract have been undertaken significant efforts to invite the Russian Federation to the role in the negotiation process aimed at finding a solution that would satisfy the parties. "

But these efforts have not been successful, and the "situation in which their obligations do 29 states, and one — no, can not go on endlessly," added minister.

Previously, the United States declared the termination of a Russian military exchange of information within the CFE.

In Moscow, a moratorium on the execution of duties by the CFE explained to the fact that the military-strategic situation in the European region since the conclusion of the contract in 1990 has changed dramatically. ATS has not exist (Warsaw Treaty Organization), and NATO has made considerable progress in the East, to include former members of the Warsaw Pact and the former Baltic republics of the USSR. Also Russian control, it was stressed that the contract limited the ability of movement of the Russian Armed Forces in their area.

But with the 2007 , the rest of the CFE Treaty was extended RF transmission disk imaging provided by the agreement.

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