London is not allowed to reward British veterans of the Russian Federation

London did not allow Russia to award British veteransLondon refused RF the right remunerate British veterans of the second world war. We are talking about the participants so called Northern Convoys — expeditions to the delivery of goods from the United States and Britain in the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. On the 41 th to the 45 th year of Allied ships under attack by German aircraft were driven to the northern ports of the Russian food and military equipment. This year, by decree of the President RF foreign veterans were awarded state decorations, namely, medals Ushakov.

According to English law, to award agreement at first took the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and later the government. Trying to reach resolution, the Russian side has sent British Foreign Office 813 letters. But there referred to the statute of limitations. According to the rules of the kingdom, and foreign orders and medals can serve only for the awards last 5 years. With all of this to organize a special British medal Veterans Northern convoys in London also declined.

"The issue is not political, but even humanitarian significance with respect to the veterans. Maybe it's the last thing they amuse — something that people remember that their rewards continue to appreciate, at least in our country. It is a question not just for veterans but of those who have had a direct bearing on very risky supply of various kinds of cargo in a very formidable criteria of the north "- says Minister Counsellor of the Embassy RF London Alexander Kramarenko.

"The information provided does not indicate any awards to Russia over the past 5 years. Makarom So, the Foreign Office can not ask the government's permission remunerate designated people of England and allow them to wear medals Ushakov ", — the Minister of England.

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