Lugansky chemical plant accelerated disposal of ammunition in 38 times

Lugansky chemical plant accelerated disposal of ammunition in 38 times

A state-owned chemical association named after Petrovsky since the beginning of the year 38 times increment rate of disposal of ammunition. It is reported by the press service of the plant.

At the current time disposed of more than 32 thousand rockets for a total of about 10 million hryvnia. Once a day, employees of the plant discharged 160 tons of ammunition. The process of demilitarization of rockets is the technology that has been developed and implemented specifically for the union.

"Since the beginning of the year plant is to increment the volume of recyclable munitions by 38 times. So, in 2011, were utilized 152 tons of ammunition. In 2010, the utilization Ammunition is not carried out at all. At the end of 2012 will be disposed of 5746 tons of ammunition. In financial terms amount demilitarized ammunition has increased by 5 times. Thus, in 2011 the company has been disposed of ammunition for a total of 5.9 million USD. While from July to the end of 2012 the enterprise plans utilize 84 thousand 883 high-explosive rockets "Grad" for a total of about 29 million hryvnia. So makarom municipal disposal costs per ton of ammunition have fallen significantly. Such progress for the companies of the defense-industrial complex has become possible thanks to the introduction in November 2011, the enterprise in the municipal concert "Ukroboronprom" on the initiative of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Dmytro Albertovich Salamatina, who at the time headed "Ukroboronprom" — said the director of the plant, Vladimir Korobov.

According to him, in 2013 it is planned to increase the dismantlement of 30% due to the additional loading of existing facilities and the introduction of new additional capacity for utilization of combat troops.

Recall, the Ukrainian government has decided to utilize 366 thousand units of small tools out of ammunition armed forces. So makarom cabinet "agreed" with the proposal of the Ministry of Defence on disposal of small tools in the framework of the implementation agreement between Ukraine and NATO logistics and maintenance, and disposal of small arms and light weapons, ammunition and everyday mines PFM-1.

NATO has envisaged to invest in ammunition disposal on the territory of Ukraine in the amount of 15.7 million hryvnia.

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