Lukashenko — for the stage, Latushko — for theater

Alexander Lukashenko Meets with Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko. As BelTA, the President instructed to intensify work on the adoption of the State Programme for the Development of Culture of Belarus for 2011-2015.

Lukashenko also welcomed the initiative of the Government on the establishment of the Public Council for Culture and the Arts. It is expected that this structure will include both well-known creators and talented youth.

Lukashenko called for the development stage and cinema Belarus. In the near future it is planned to hold a presidential meeting with the representatives of the creative intelligentsia and analyze in detail the condition and prospects of the mentioned areas.

Paul Latushko in turn, proposed the establishment of a national theater award. Such a move is to convince the Minister of Culture, will create additional opportunities for promoting performing arts in the country.



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