Lukashenko has opened Latin America

The real breakthrough is considered the Belarusian foreign policy, well, not just experts at the Belarus Alexander Lukashenko's visit to South America. The meeting itself Lukashenko and Hugo Chavez for a long time before it started a lot of extra otdemokratizirovannymi media meeting was called 2-dictators. They say, look, for all foreign Lukashenko routes are blocked, and therefore he went to Venezuela to once again discuss the topic of how the further better and more often to twist his "axis of evil."

Lukashenko has opened Latin America

But idle speculation remained idle, in-1's, so far as Venezuela was not the only Fri zabugornogo tour of the Belarusian president, and, in-2, as in the course of this tour was more of a very active economic agreements, and not West expected "anti-democratic insinuations."

Speaking about the visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Venezuela, it should be noted that while the superfluous concerned about political "regimes" in these countries, politicians and political scientists are trying to find another reason for that to convict members of the "axis of evil", the Venezuelan and Belorussian Presidents decided to show that one of the criteria of modern methods of warfare existing international economic and political turmoil is a close partnership on a platform of economic pragmatism.

Besides the fact that between Belarus and Venezuela are already more than 8 s 10 joint projects have been signed new contracts. Who will be the factory areas of Venezuela, which will be on the basis of a license issued by the Belarusians create auto "MAZ" and Tractors "MTW". It is planned that the annual volume of production, which will in no way turn-screw, make 5000 units — for "MAZ" and 10 thousand — for "MT". This will cover the creation of the internal needs of Venezuela in the technique of this kind.

Belorussian and Venezuelan favorites agreed that specialists from Belarus will build a 600 MW thermal power station, which will be located in the industrial cluster of Santa Ines. Belarusian experts at besides perceive an active role in the laying of a gas pipeline between Barquisimeto and Barinas. The length of the gas artery exceeds 200 km. Venezuelan cooperation emerges and Belarusians in terms of implementation of joint production project to receive agricultural fertilizers on the latest "green" program there.

Belarusian Ministry of Finance of the total amount of contracts that are entered into Favorites 2-states, estimated at 5 billion dollars. In the conditions of today's unstable economic environment such agreement between Belarus and Venezuela can be called truly important.

In connection with the Belarusian successes of the Venezuelan market a lot of criticism appeared in the Russian press. And the criticism was not connected with the fact that Lukashenko "taking" of the Russian Federation in Venezuela, and the fact that our homeland soon calmed herself, reaching certain economic agreements with the U.S. partners. Citing reasons are all critical to the address the country's feeble activity of Russian business and the Venezuelan market to a common denominator, we can say that the essence of criticism is that while our homeland considers Venezuela as the main partner on energy projects, as well as the market for the implementation of the arms. With all of this supply agreements in Caracas Russian production of "AvtoVAZ" many refer to typical curtsey towards the Kremlin from Hugo Chavez, because Russian government of Venezuelan President supports both orally and in the form of billions of dollars of loans. Motivate whether this criticism Russian authorities to a new step of development of the South American market — is still an open question

In general, the visit of the Belarusian favorite in Venezuela has shown once again that the best incentive for municipal development and partnership between countries — is an active trade. With all of this said Lukashenko, as they read, "on camera", that the authorities of Belarus and Venezuela are friends not against anyone, but want their welfare states.

Recall that Venezuela was not the only point that is marked on the map visit of the Belarusian president.

In the process of his own visit to Cuba, which took place before the arrival of the Belarusian favorite in Caracas, Lukashenko held talks with Raul Castro. At the talks open a discussion topic pragmatic cooperation of Belarus and Cuba is not collected separately, and Belarus and Cuba as members of intergovernmental bodies such as the single economic space of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and supranational economic groups in Latin America. If we combine the potentials of these organizations, the trade can grow significantly. Specifically to that assessment leaning economists that discussions are visit Belarusian President in Havana.

Agreements were reached on joint projects in the field of bio-engineering and other industries sverhtehnologichny health and agriculture. Is noteworthy that some of the Belarusian delegation in Havana remained even after Lukashenko went to visit Hugo Chavez. Belarusians intrigued by those developments, which are carried out in Cuba in the field of new approaches to the optimal use of biological resources. One can expect that the recent series will be brand new economic agreements between the Belarusian and Cuban companies working in the field of high technology.

June 28 Lukashenko arrived in the capital of Ecuador — Quito. And then the first place was occupied by questions of economic cooperation. Even before the arrival of Belarus favorite in Ecuador, it was clear that one of the issues which will open a discussion at the meeting was the question of the abolition of the visa regime between Belarus and Venezuela. Lukashenko said that the availability of visa barriers is one of the reasons that the trade turnover between the two countries-name for the past year amounted to only 47 million dollars.

For Belarus, the development of the Ecuadorian market is very promising, as the Latin American country with close to the level of RB economic characteristics (and means that Belarusian products can then take advantage of demand), and in addition, GDP growth in Ecuador according to the IMF for the past year amounted to little lot 8%. Belarus will be curious to advance to the Ecuadorian market their agricultural and road-building machinery, machine tools, equipment for the electronics and optics — this during a meeting with a favorite Ecuadorian Rafael Correa Delgado, President Lukashenko spoke. Delgado, in turn, said that the cooperation between the two countries-name is just beginning, and he must wait for the huge prospects.

In the end, the Belarusian favorite once again showed what acting techniques he has to overcome the EU sanctions, because in the world other than that of the EU's plenty of other areas, which can be a sensible trade.

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