Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Cancer light — a group of malignant tumors of the lung tissue arising from the cells lining the bronchi or lungs. For these tumors characterized by rapid growth and early metastasis (tumor formation remote nodes).

Men suffering with lung cancer is 7-10 times more often than women, and the incidence increases in proportion to age. The men in 60 —69, the incidence is 60 times higher than the 30-39 —summer.

In Russia lung cancer — the most common of all cancers. However, up to the first place we were so far away. Today, the highest death rate of men from lung cancer registered in Scotland, the Netherlands, the UK and Luxembourg. Mortality among women has a strong lead in Hong Kong, and Scotland took second place. But the best place to live in El Salvador, Syria, Guatemala, and Brazil — there cancer Lung practically does not occur.

The true mechanisms of transformation of normal cells into cancer cells are not yet fully understood. However, thanks to many scientific studies, it became clear that there is a whole group of chemicals that have the potential to cause malignant transformation of cells. Such substances are referred to as carcinogenic.

Risk factors for lung cancer:

  • The main cause of lung cancer — inhaling carcinogens. About 90% of all cases of diseases related to smoking, or rather to the action of carcinogens contained in tobacco smoke. When smoked two or more packs of cigarettes a day increases the probability of lung cancer in25-125 Times.
  • For lung cancer is directly related air pollution. For example, in industrial areas with mining and processing industry, people are sick3-4 Times more often than in the remote villages.
  • Exposure to asbestos, radon, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, chromium, chloromethyl ether.
  • Radiation exposure.
  • Chronic lung diseases: pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis.

Cancer cells divide rapidly, tumor begins to increase in size. If untreated, it invades adjacent organs — the heart, great vessels, esophagus, spine, causing damage.

Together with the blood and lymph cancer cells spread throughout the body and form new tumors (metastases). Most developed metastases in the lymph nodes, other lung, liver, brain, bone, kidney and adrenal glands.

Smokers with the experience, beware! Persistent cough, sputum streaked with blood, chest pain and recurrent pneumonia and bronchitis — is not just unpleasant symptoms. It is possible that in your lungs develops a serious disease-causing process: cancer lungs.

Unfortunately, most patients go to doctors already in the late stages of lung cancer. It is therefore very important to have regular check-ups, chest x-rays and do go to the doctor, pulmonologist at any symptoms of lung disease lasting more than 3 days.

Diagnosis andtreatment

The surest way to detect lung cancer — do X-rays of the lungs. For the diagnosis of used endoscopic Bronhografiya, which allows us to determine the location of the tumor and its size, as well as a biopsy — to take a piece of tissue for cytological examination.

Treatment of patients with lung cancer has been an oncologist. The method of treatment, the doctor will decide depending on the stage of cancer, type of cancer cells, the characteristics of the tumor, presence of metastases, etc etc. Usually, to rid the patient of the disease, a combination of three methods: surgery, medication and radiation.

Surgical treatment lung cancer involves removal of the tumor along with a portion of the lung, to simultaneously clean and damaged lymph nodes.

Success depends on the age of the patient and the correct selection of therapy. If treatment was started in the early stages of disease,45 —60% of patients have a chance to fully recover. If disease discovered too late, when there were already metastasized, there are no guarantees.

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