Luzhkov has returned …

Luzhkov has returned ...One of the most controversial processes of recent years promises to be a process of so-called case of "Bank of Moscow". This is due to the fact that in Moscow called for questioning Yuri Luzhkov as important as a witness. November 9 last mayor arrived in the capital, and before long he was waiting to behold in the Department of the Ministry of the Interior. Already at this point the blogosphere, forum Interior Ministry and other Internet segments react violently to the ongoing action. If you collect information together, the picture appears in the following form:

about 60% of posts focused on what Luzhkov only first pass on the case as a witness, and then, they say, and it officially listed as one of those who plunder the economical capital funds.

Less than 30% believe that Luzhkov released "the world", showing a "generosity" of the authorities.

About 7% say Luzhkov cause to show everyone else that even now hiding in London by former bureaucrats can not be peace. Russian longish hands of justice, according to the views of the 7 percent actually would get to at least some ex-official. However, while these hands down for some reason got, for example, to the sovereign Berezovsky.

The remaining 3% say they do not have to do out of the ordinary criminal case superfluous politicized show.

It should be noted that Yuri Luzhkov quite convinced that his "invitation" to Moscow will end for him personally on a positive notes, because it does not justify what the Tipo.

Recall that Yuri M. invited to witness in the case of unauthorized use of 13 billion rubles from the city budget. The prosecution believes that this more impressive than the amount of the special was conducted through the company "Premier Estate", then to be on the accounts of the company "Inteko." As you know, the owner of "Inteko" at that time was the wife of Moscow Mayor Baturina.

Yuri Luzhkov before you arrive in Russia has decided to seek help from a well-known lawyer Resnick. Maybe to re-appear in Moscow, due to the fact that Luzhkov warned if he does so, it will be announced, along with his wife in the international wanted list. Luzhkov sure summoned him for interrogation after he gave a very scandalous interview with radio station "Freedom".

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