Lzheveterany appear like mushrooms after a rain

A poet at one point said: "We do not get used to the lies, in the comfort of snakes do not get along." This principle is so uncompromising that he could be a real rule for each of us — who calls himself a Russian citizen.

Perhaps you ask why so much pathos first article … But the fact is that everything that goes on in this article, it gives a very real mockery not only of the real time, and the memory of people who shed their blood for the freedom and independence of the country in which we live. Mockery is so disgusting that it is difficult to find words to describe it.

May 1945 remained far behind. But the feat that made the Russian people during the stateliness Russian, has no parallel in the history of mankind. It is in memory of this feat once a year on May 9 thousand and thousands of people in various towns of the Russian Federation to the streets to thank the surviving witnesses of the stateliness of Victory. And, to the chagrin of bolshennomu, majestically Russian veterans of the war, impartial reasons, it is becoming less and less. According to official statistics in Russia for May 2012 is home to 3.7 million veterans of the Great Patriotic War. This includes people who waged war on the front, golodovali in besieged Leningrad, were imprisoned in concentration camps and ghettos. Specifically taking into account the 3.7 million veterans of the May 9 Russian government and appointed a one-time real benefits 5,000 rubles. Participants also specifically combat operations in the Russian Federation now lives according to some estimates, about 250 thousand people.

Previously, parks and squares of large cities of the country were filled with weaves and tyschami strolling veterans, but now most of the members of that terrible war because of failing health required in the best case, follow the parade and veterans' meetings at the screens of their own television sets.

But, understanding that a person's memory, the thing election, and it tends to give in metamorphosis, in the ranks of those who in their 85-90 years of finds within himself the strength to celebrate victory day in the city streets, often can see all the people rather unusual species. In the middle of war veterans, whose recent salvos otshumeli 67 years ago, you can behold the man, uniform, and whose services are called, to say the least, some confusion. The fact is that these people, of course, decided that their age — the main thing that will help them one way or another to compare himself with veterans, and means they have every right, wearing a any medals on the first comer on the market's uniform, proudly pace in all of this through the city streets on May 9, listening to the words of gratitude to own the address. Such people would be respected on the basis of their fairly advanced age, but, sorry, fake "veterans" of anything, except a sense of contempt, do not cause …

At some only recently passed public events (the anniversary of Victory) in Moscow alone was found three so called "mummers" characters. And there are other cities …

The reader may say, but on what basis, then, it was decided that these people do not have any work to the fighting of 1941-1945. But the catch is that it was too strange uniforms and put these people merit. With a variety of recognizable Russian bloggers and journalists, got a question about that on the mausoleum was a lady who in one year, while in the old age, not only managed to rise to the rank of General, and added to the gold star of Hero of the Russian Union to the the star of the Hero of Socialist Labor. In principle, as the saying goes, you never know: suddenly took control of the country well and decided to reward this extraordinary old lady who, being in bolshennom rank, gave a military salute from the marching column "dummy" head (without hat). This is what the general in our country to make such can afford …

Lzheveterany appear like mushrooms after the rain

Maybe Dmitry Medvedev or Vladimir Putin decided to consider all her past (not many people know awards), and of reward granny Star of Hero of Socialist Labor, but only such service in modern Russia is not assigned. And about any rewardings female veterans on the eve of a general's stars of days too Victory information is not held. And it was not so long ago, this scandalous lady sported a colonel's uniform with 3 orders of the Russian war in the chest.

But no historical source can not be called ladies, these award-3-the highest merit, except the Major Aviation Nadezhda Popova. But Nadine, who, incidentally, is now alive and well in the face and know themselves veterans and those who are interested in military history. The lady just standing at the mausoleum, it is obvious even from the outside is not like a real gentleman 3-orders of the Russian war — Nadezhda Popova.

Games with orders and medals at the "woman with the Mausoleum" is not completed. Comparing the two-year-old winning photo that shows off on her uniform at the moment, it can be concluded that from the front of his jacket mysteriously disappeared, a little much, the Order of Lenin. But this is the highest achievement of the Union of Russian, which is awarded for outstanding awards to the state and society. But apparently, the old lady is not very well versed in municipal merit, because for her to "take the Order of Lenin" — "put on the Order of Lenin" — is not the main thing … Well, that military records do not contain data on women generals, who have a star Hero of the Soviet Union of Socialist Labor, and besides, order Lenin, this lively old lady is not enough worry for.

Lzheveterany appear like mushrooms after the rain

Besides the "heroic granny" on the ninth of May celebrations were seen such a person, who wore as many as seven (!) Orders of Lenin, plus had the title twice Hero of the Russian Union and Hero of Socialist Labor. Specifically, such a person ceases on one of the photos on the streets of Moscow. Such a combination of higher municipal awards not (in all official documents) nor the 1st person in the country. Apparently, that's why "hero"Decided to put on a uniform with a sign special department of the KGB — to appear less questions. And it really, all the words that described here, this man simply can challenge, stating that it has received all the credit for illegal apartments in the criteria of secrecy. But the military archives — this thing that can bring out into at least some lime-order-bearers, because even during the war, was not awarded, not conducted through the registers (even hidden ones). All the same, "declassified" materials they say that in Russia neither left nor of the 1st seven times awarded the Order of Lenin. Well, many times awarded the merit of this people, whose names are on everyone's lips: for example, Marshal Konev, Akhurian, Moskalenko, General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Mikhail Khrunichev. In general, a person which began on May 9 days of celebration of Victory, has been in my life to do something is to find a list of these people. With all of this you s
hould be aware that even in the Russian Union of security officers is not much to complain about with countless top awards …

Lzheveterany appear like mushrooms after the rain

In the middle of "veterans" who appeared in an unusual form, there was also some weird sailor, who a year later was walking quietly in the form of the captain of the first rank. In this case, this man is not enough that a few years of being in a very honorable age, managed to "skaknut" immediately after several military ranks, so in addition to his breast adorned quite so quixotic to the present day merit — St. George's cross, which was handed back in the Russian Empire. Last Knight of Merit died at the age of 102 years in the United States …

Lzheveterany appear like mushrooms after the rain

But Royal St. George's Cross — is far not the only part that confused bloggers and journalists. On the breast of a sailor who is actually instantly turned into the first rank of captain, flaunted to the same order of "Admiral Ushakov" with the eight-pointed star. With all of this real "Admiral Ushakov" is based on a five-pointed star. All services at the "fighters" were planted as if he has no idea about how the medals should be worn. Maybe the way it is — really has no idea … can afford to make such a person who really got enough credit for the highest actual combat operations? ..

Lzheveterany appear like mushrooms after the rain

What is still guided by people who are so stubbornly unwilling to present themselves unheralded heroes, we should worship until the end of their days. There are two prerequisites.

The first reason, faster, psychic. When people saw how the honor of his peers, past the war in the trenches, can not flegmantichno look at it. At first, such a person invents himself a legend, according to which he could and under Dubosekovo death stand and take in the ring Paulus at Stalingrad and in the tank ablaze at Prokhorovka, and cross the Dnieper, but also to break through the Seelow Heights, and then personally put up the banner Victory over the Reichstag. Further, this legend is a substitute for a person of real events of his life, and the moment comes when he begins to believe it himself. In the best case, such a person is taken as the true veterans of the obvious insane in the worst case is that in this line up over the years are beginning to believe the legend and the surrounding.

The reason for the second — an obvious fraud. The man just gets the documents on its merits, means "interested" appears in the lists of notaries combat veterans, and then just get on this basis, all the preferences laid veterans. In modern Russian Federation already has, at least, one "veteran"That was a few years' probation for having managed to take advantage of the identity of the real party to the Second World War to produce large amounts of currency in the form of social assistance.

But do not think that "lzheveterany" began to appear only at the moment. Not at all. Were they in Russian time. Only difference is that now identify these "fake" characters becomes much more difficult. Archives are scattered around the country. Until now, no single archive in whatever contain reliable information about the participants and veterans majestically Russian. Specifically, it allows you to walk around in awards and medals WWII by the towns of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and other former Soviet Republics, who during the war had no work either to the front or to the rear of the work or to the medical service, nor to -either in general concerning the heavy roads to victory over fascism.

We're talking about the "fake" Second World War veterans who do not smuschyayutsya mislead others. But for now at least, and those who call themselves members of military operations in the so-called local conflicts. One of nedavneshnih scandals associated with the name of "fake" field commander Alexei Gaidai, which paints described his "exploits" during the Chechen campaign, and then also, figuratively speaking, attacked the journalists who denounced him in heresy. Say, you're encroaching on the honor of an officer and a hero …

And how many of these "fake" warriors that his vanity trying to elevate himself and belittle the feat of real fighters majestically Russian, Afghan, Chechen and stroll through the streets of our cities? Hard to say, but that is obviously not a small number, you can read with certainty.

The only thing that can assist to bring these people scorned memory of the real heroes of wars and military conflicts, it is a single electric base that will contain specific information about the soldiers on all fronts, toilers of the rear, and the blockade of the convicts of the concentration camps. Yes — it is a tremendous job, but specifically to its result may depend on the way we are ready to resist lifting the ruthless head of heresy, eclipsing the historical reality. Depends on it, as it would be correct to take the story of the young generation of Russians.

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