Macedonia 20 years: successes and challenges

Macedonia 20 years: successes and challenges

Republic of Macedonia is 20 years old. All the while Macedonia has to justify its right to exist. Albanian extremism and separatism, disputes with Bulgaria and Greece pose a danger the future of the Slavic countries.

Summing up the results of 20 years of independence, it can be noted that the country has its own merits and prepyadstviya that can lead to the death of the country. So, Skopje managed to achieve independence without civilian war without casualties among the population. September 8, 1991 adopted a declaration of sovereignty and a referendum on the independence of Macedonia, then within six months of the Yugoslav People's Army had left the republic. Republic Macedonia managed to avoid the fate in a bloody war, which for many years was on the Balkan Peninsula.

Macedonian politicians are optimistic look to the future, because, according to the views of the Ambassador of Macedonia in Russia Elijah Isaylovski, they managed to achieve great success in the field of protection of the rights of national minorities. Many European countries consider Macedonian an example of the contradictions of public good solutions. "We are certainly not afraid of the Kosovo scenario. Our Albanians consider Macedonia's own country ", — stressed Isaylovski.

The main value of the current foreign policy of the political elite of Macedonia is to join NATO and the European Alliance. Macedonia is a candidate for membership in both organizations. There are two reports of the European Commission, which give a positive outlook about the full membership of the Republic of Macedonia (RM) in the EU. To enter in the North-Atlantic Alliance, Macedonia has fulfilled all the conditions and conducted all the necessary reforms. "Full-fledged membership in NATO — a matter of time" — says the salting.


— But on the way Macedonia the European Union and NATO is a serious obstacle. Greece fears of possible further territorial claims on its own region of Macedonia (Greece in the three administrative neighborhood with this title — East Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia and Western Macedonia), Besides Athens consider specifically what they are historical heirs of the Old Macedonia. Greece requested that the government is not called the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Skopje or the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. On this issue, the International Court in the Hague at the present time there is a trial. Because of this issue will block the entry of Athens neighbors in the European Union and NATO. In the end, its 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Moldova noted in some limbo. At the moment, the UN International Criminal Tribunal considering a lawsuit against Greece Skopje.

— Bulgaria does not recognize a separate Macedonian language and Macedonian people respectively. In Sofia, believe that the Macedonians — is part of the Bulgarian people and the Macedonian language — a dialect of the Bulgarian language. In Bulgaria, they say that the term "Macedonian" — a regional or ethnographic designation of the Bulgarian people. Some Bulgarian and foreign scientists say that a separate Macedonian identity was created, and was confirmed only in 1945 on the territory of present Republic of Macedonia. So Makar, Sofia reserves the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the Republic of Moldova, with the destabilization of the situation.

— Albanian hitch. It comes a whole heap of unhealthy themes — extremism, separatism, drug trafficking, etc etc. The Albanians of the Balkan Peninsula, and already for the whole of Europe, the real discrepancy. At the word "Albanian"Appears at once a few negative associations: the idea of" Greater Albania ", drug trafficking from Afghanistan and South America, the illegal sale of weapons, trafficking in persons," black "transplantation, the problem of Kosovo and Albanian separatism, etc., and the Albanians in the Republic of Moldova for more than a quarter of the population , puts in danger the existence of the country.

Albanians in 1991 claimed territorial autonomy and the status of second language for municipal Albanian language. In 1999, the Macedonian Albanians were "reinforcements" in the form of a 10-s of thousands of Albanian refugees from Kosovo. Between February and August 2001, there was an armed conflict between Macedonian police and army with the Albanian Liberation Army of State (ANO). Only after the intervention of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance to start a war was extinguished. A NATO troops in Moldova show back in 1999, and have remained there since. Macedonian authorities under pressure from the U.S. and the EU made concessions to the Albanians. They were a part of the government of the country, were Albanian national television, their language in some parts of the country received the official status.

But the problem will not go away. Albanians want federalization of the country, complete equality of languages, frequent skirmishes at the state soil. In other words, a new conflict could occur at any time of.

— The financial problem — RM is one of the poorest countries in Europe. The Republic has no outlet to the sea, so count on a huge income from tourism is not necessary. Developed industry in the country is not, by the standards of agriculture uncompetitive EU, Moldova imports of the food. The war in Kosovo and the flow of Albanian refugees dealt another blow to the economy after the privatization of the 90s. The current global crisis has also turned his attention to Macedonia — Industrial fallen creation, increased external debt.

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