Magomed Tolboev: pre-revolutionary situation in Dagestan

Magomed Tolboev: pre-revolutionary situation in Dagestan

Exactly twelve years ago, Our homeland has fallen into the abyss of another civilian war betrothed then the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus. And yet — the second Chechen campaign. That war long since over. Throughout the North Caucasus garrisoned troops put a cloud. With all the darkness overtook the Russian Federation policemen and employees of the FSB. Everything under control? How unfortunate it did not sound, the actions of the current days give reason to believe that in fact the North Caucasus war does not stop even for a day. But before that, let us recall action was twelve years ago.

August 7, 1999 from Chechnya invaded Dagestan troops so called "Islamic Peacekeeping Brigade." [B] commanded half tyschami bearded "peacekeepers" have long been insolent from many years of impunity Shamil Basayev and Prof. Arab terrorist Khattab [/ b]. As shown by subsequent actions, arrogance intruders was based on calculations, which very often proven elusive.

First, Basayev and Khattab, of course, were not clinical cretins. And did not plan a half tyschami bayonets Russia to its knees. [B] They felt that their co-religionists in Dagestan have met with open arms and rise up against the "infidels." And there too, and all polyhnet North Caucasus [/ b]. Did not happen. Apart from a handful of those fanatical Wahhabi bandits in the country did not support anyone. On the contrary, at the initiative of the population spontaneous formation of Dagestan militia. Most ordinary armed with hunting rifles, the locals get up close to our soldiers. Three common Dagestan became Heroes of the Russian Federation. Two of them — posthumously.

Certainly, Khattab and Basayev also expected to get so impressively demonstrated in the First Chechen War and the stupidity of professional weakness of many of our generals. And at first made no mistake. In 1999, as in 1995, were assault air strikes against friendly forces. Was left with no ground cover Botlikhskiy airfield, which are picked up by two kilometers bandits anti-tank "Fagot" easily killed two Mi-8. The units of the Defense Ministry, police and interior troops at first did not lead interaction together. But later, as he said to me on his own team in those days fr [b] managing the joint group General Kazantsev [/ b], «all agreed. They sat down in a trench. And it's gone. "

And so it went. Fighter in the frontal attacks throw finished. Basayev and Khattab fighters on the ground began to destroy the Dagestan Su-25, Su-24 bombers, helicopter gunships, receiver and rocket artillery. Under continuous fire [b] August 11 bandits have left the settlements located in the foothills, and were fixed in inaccessible mountain villages Ansalta, Rahat and Shodroda near the border with Chechnya. After a few days of their vyshybli from there. August 23-24, Basayev led the remnants of his own gang of Dagestan in the area of Chechnya [/ b].

Common loss robs "peacekeepers" according to various estimates ranged from 600 to 1000 man. Our loss — 279 killed and 800 wounded.

Then the war rolled into Chechnya, but that's another story. And now — the military and political landscape after the battle. Despite the best efforts of Moscow, the last few years since then, in Dagestan, well, almost the entire North Caucasus, peace can be called a stretch. Television images shelling from tanks and armored personnel carriers houses in which they sat down armed militants have become so common as reports of football matches. Cemeteries killed because of the angle and broken by officials and police officers are spreading all.

The only thing that measured in those mountains, it is the number of bandits. For example, in today's year [b] Commander of Internal Troops of the Russian General Nikolai Rogozhkin [/ b] figured them for about 500-800. In 2008, on the very same information indicative Rogozhkina, the North Caucasus ran 400-500 members of illegal armed groups. In 2009, [b] the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Bastrikin [/ b] said that the total number of North Caucasian gangs of 1.5 thousand people. And this despite the fact that the Russian anti-terror units and special forces are doing their job properly — often "wet" bearded men in toilets and generally wherever found.

Leaders and members thugs kill dozens, but in their place are new here. Of course, that twelve years after the second Chechen war with Russia wanting in the North Caucasus is so much that the number of active terrorists is determined only by the capacity of mountain and forest hideouts and concealed bases. Who does not have enough space — just waiting to own queue.

Thus, if the earlier headache Moscow was particularly Chechnya, now it is the most harmless in those parts place. How to convince the experts, [b] to this situation in priklnnyh authorities Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria significantly worse. More than 80 percent of the attacks in the Caucasus today, the fall specifically on these republics. [/ B] As of the end of July, with the beginning of the year they committed 151 terrorist act.

Moreover. According to the views of the famous [b] professional Carnegie Center Alexei Malashenko [/ b], it is very possible that in the coming future gang activity will move closer to the Black Sea. Blow aimed closer to the Achilles' heel of Moscow — the town of Sochi. [B] staffs of international terrorism, the emphasis is on the failure of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. [/ B] It is no accident, according to the views of Malashenko, Feb. 18, at today's federal highway in the Baksan district of Kabardino-Balkaria unknown wearing camouflage shot a minibus with five tourists from Moscow . As a result, four people were killed. On another day in the same area of the CBD was blown up one of the pillars of the second stage of the cable car mounted an old Ken — The World. In Elbrus beloved by tourists for the first time had to introduce counter-terrorist operation. Vacationers forbade even poke your nose out of hotels.

In general, [b] according to the Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev, exclusively in Kabardino-Balkaria thugs activity in recent years has increased 5 times [/ b].

— Terrorists say that if we can peel on the well-guarded tourist objects in Kabardino-Balkaria, we can do the same in Sochi — said Malashenko.

Summaries of the Interior Ministry in the North Caucasus today, the look is completely in front-line. Not so long ago, they all sounded the same Nurgaliev: "During the 876 special operations and effective measures neutralized 193 militants, including 19 bandliderov, to surrender inclined 21 members of illegal armed groups." According to the head of the Interior Ministry, in just 5 months of 2011, carried out 52 terrorist operations, of which 35 — in Dagestan, seven — in Chechnya, 6 — in Kabardino-Balkaria and four — in Ingushetia. During the same period, only the loss of police and interior troops were 352 people, including the performance of official commitments killed 99 workers, injured 253.

But the details of NGO "Caucasian Knot": in 2010 in the North Caucasus was conducted 238 terrorist attacks, which have claimed, the very few, 1710 man. 754 of them were killed and the wounded 956.

It is a world or still a war going on in other forms of thugs with Russia? A unless war in the North Caucasus, despite the victorious powers, in fact did not stop for a day, what matter is? About this columnist of the "Free Press" spoke with [b] former Secretary of Security Council of Dagestan (1996-1998 GG) honored test pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation, Colonel Mohammed Tolboevym [/ b].

[B] «SP": — Mohammed, was twelve years after the invasion of Basayev in Dagestan. You, at that time Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic, were personally involved in the events [/ b]?

— How is it? Conducted negotiations with the Chechens at the request of General Lebed. Three day or lived in the house of Ahmed Zakayev. Day — in the house of Shamil Basayev.

[B] «SP": — Correct me if I'm wrong: this recollection that from that time from the standpoint of all of the terrorist threat in the North Caucasus only became worse. Answer as the last Secretary of the Security Council: why [/ b]?

— Next will be even worse. Did not end until the federal government continues there such a policy. You see, in the Caucasus, it all depends on the local favorites. And whom Moscow now, for example, offers a Dagestani favorite? Billionaires. They are moving all the forces in control of the country. Never did quite good for the people of billionaires did not do and will not do. Call up and say, Suleiman Kerimov. Ask him what he has promoted people.

[B] «SP": — I can imagine what I will talk with him. If the general will [/ b].

— Well, that's so. I assure you — nothing for ordinary people Karimov did not. And will not do. Everything just yourself. And from him in Dagestan nearly all depends. I'm not afraid of anyone. I am an officer of the Russian army, Hero of Russia, who in life was giving only one oath and follow it to the end. Because I speak. With the guys I talk at home. They said: "We were born in these mountains. But we have nothing now, will not in the future. And the offspring of at least some of the local minister is all that is possible to imagine themselves. Because with such management will deal in his own way. " And understand. With the help of machines.

[B] «SP": — In other words, the question of social stratification, so [/ b]?

— Naturally.

[B] «SP": — other circumstances, there is no [/ b]?

-Yes, and many others. The Wahhabis are not particularly hiding all imposed tribute. Shops, little shops, cafes. To war as a means necessary. So they collected.

[B] «SP": — No they are not able to prevent [/ b]?

— You yourself see everything. Pre-revolutionary situation in Dagestan. This is worse than terrorism.

[B] «SP": — In the other North Caucasus republics of the same position [/ b]?

-But how? Chain reaction. Exclusively in Chechnya differently. There, at the head of the republic noble young man. Because the order. Here, for example, would call me and President Medvedev said: "Mohammed, I have to trust you is boundless. Go to the home for himself and put things in order. " I would have acted the same way as Kadyrov. And everything changed. In another way, the Caucasus is impossible.

[B] Another world [/ b]

[B] Yulia Latynina, a recognized expert on the North Caucasus [/ b]. [/ B]

[B] «SP": — Julia L., twelve years ago, Basayev and Khattab invaded Dagestan [/ b] …

— To put the question correctly. The essence is not to Basayev. A few months earlier in a Dagestani villages Salafis seized power and declared Sharia. Stated: "The Russian government does not recognize." And rovnenky account nothing happened. Stepashin, then Interior Minister, came to one of these villages — Chabanmakhi. And said that's nice, is not necessary to decide anything. Moscow is happening has not sent any attention. The authorities have tried to cooperate with the Salafis, and any difficulties these people were not. By July 1999 went to the Russian side of the conflict. Began to disarm the cops to attack positions of internal troops. On the part of our troops began a movement began to fly helicopters. Then in late July from Chechnya to help Salafis marched troops commanded by Basayev and Khattab. Detachments of these, by the way, were international in composition, but consisted in the main of Dagestan. But even then, maybe, Moscow would not have taken, if President Yeltsin was not going to send Stepashin's resignation. That such does not happen, Stepashin did not want to appear in the Kremlin. And he said that flies into Dagestan to pause Basayev. After that, the awl slipped out of the bag. And already appointed Prime Minister Putin had to respond to a PR topic, given Stepashin. The war began. Dagestan took the side of Russian, although Russian bombed their home. Basayev immediately of the population relying on partisan reincarnated as a saboteur. Because he had to go back to Chechnya.

[B] «SP": — What is the North Caucasus has changed since then [/ b]?

— Everything. At the same time, dramatically. The situation became much worse. In Dagestan, the Salafis of misfits turned into a backbone force. It's already happened under Putin. And now they want to Basayev and without relief from Russia.

[B] «SP": — Dagestan not like Chechnya, flood the media and so calm down [/ b]?

— It will not work. 've Tried. Means give the Dagestani bureaucrats, but half of these amounts immediately goes Wahhabis.

[B] «SP": — In Chechnya's wrong [/ b]?

— In Chechnya, not so. But there Kadyrov rules the steel hand. Salafis in Chechnya not — Kadyrov destroyed them. He is the only owner of the republic. And every Chechen knows that he is able to do with it what you want.

[B] «SP": — In other words, the output is to find each Kadyrov's North Caucasus republic of their own? Exit — Kadyrov [/ b]?

— Kadyrov — this is not an option. Kadyrov — the problem is the other. Yes, this person is in control of aggressive Chechnya. He calmed her. But the Kremlin's the problem of how to keep under Kadyrov's control? If he just dealt with the guys in the woods, what he should deal with the matter of how even in Moscow?

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