Manages the development of the universe unknown energy




CHESS, August 19 — Astronomical discoveries of recent times have shown the presence in space is not available to power devices that controls the course of development of the universe. This was announced on Thursday, director of the Main Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine, member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and many foreign academies Jaroslav Yatskiv.

According to him, the observations available for only 7% of the available material in the world. This is the Moon, the Earth, planets, galaxies, stars. About 16% of the substance — is dark matter, the existence of which reliably proven, but they have not been studied. Perhaps it is the mass of the neutrino, or unknown to science particles or galaxies. "The rest, — said Yatskiv — is a kind of mysterious dark energy." "Recent observations in space and opened the anti-gravity fluctuations elektrokosmicheskogo background, which suggests that the universe is something that is responsible for the screenplay of the universe," — said the academician.

He stressed that far from mysticism and would not call the mysterious power of the Universal Mind, the Absolute, or God. "This is an unknown property of space science," — said Yatskiv. He recalled that Einstein introduced the conditional lambda term in his equations, but considered it his fault. "And now we know that he is responsible for the dark energy," — said Yatskiv.

He is one of the founders of the highest mountain and the second largest in the Russian observatory Terskol in the Elbrus region. The observatory operates as a part of the International Center for Astronomical, Medical and Environmental Research, established by the Academies of Sciences of Russia, Ukraine and the Government of Kabardino-Balkaria in 1992. ITAR-TASS.


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