Mandatory distribution: if you want to work — look for the place itself

In early August, young professionals, graduates go to work. Graduates of the budget offices must work on the distribution of 2-year to repay the state for the free education. Or guaranteed by each graduate first job?

Mandatory distribution is particularly true of pedagogical, agricultural and medical schools.

In the future teachers are having problems even before the distribution.

The current graduate of the Faculty of Philology of BSU Anna told where razmyarkovvali her fellow students:

"In fact, nowhere. Like," no vacancies, look for yourself. "So bring yourself requests, each searching for himself. Our people were attached to the newspapers, one interpreter, someone does not by profession. When you bring the paper with the request you distribute, then you distribute. "

If you bring the paper asking you to distribute, then you distribute, if not — I do not know …

Reporter "That is, if found any place and at this place and going?"


Reporter "And if you have not found?"

"If it is not found, I do not know … We all found it. We had a few state employees. And if you did not find — in Minsk in kindergartens is always a shortage."

In the capital's schools are almost no vacancies, after the latest reform to the transition to the 11-year system of teachers cut. Vacancies occur occasionally, when, for example, a permanent teacher is going to retire. In This year, secondary school number 19 in Minsk will come out the 4 young professionals: primary school teacher, Belarusian and English. Principal George Liakhovich said:

"All of the distribution, we have made the application. Vacancies two English teachers there because now the classes will be divided into three groups instead of two as before. Primary school teacher — our pupil, we grew it, sent to learn, and now her teacher retires, and she comes to replace it. A Belarusian language — also a teacher resigns, moves, and in its place I take my pupil. Lovely was a student, so we take it. "

In the capital, for graduates of pedagogical universities vacancies are only in kindergarten. Graduates are reluctant to go there: a paltry salary.

Earlier lacked foreign language teachers, elementary school, and now enough of them to us. We have no vacancies

It is not easy to settle in the regions. Even in the Chernobyl zone is no shortage of teachers. Says the head of the department of education Khoyniki executive committee of the Gomel region Lyudmila Kulakovskaya:

"Every year is coming to us more than 40 young professionals, and we arrange them all. Someone with 3-4 years work out, and then finds another job, someone gets married — is changing everything in life. So every year we analyze and order yourself young professionals, we go to the distribution in high schools — in Gomel and Mozyr universities, and Rogachevskoye Loevsky pedvuchylishchy. Our job does not happen. Earlier lacked foreign language teachers, elementary school, and now we have enough of them. We close the area each year. positions we do not have. "

In This year, teacher training institutions in the competition almost was not. In Minsk State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank on the physical and mathematical faculties — shortfall on the budget took everyone who applied for. On many specialties you can do, just by dialing 100.



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