Marche Slav — 100 years

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Known march "Farewell of Slav" heard everything. But not enough people know that the music was written by our countryman, composer and conductor Vasily military Agapkin. He was born on February 3, 1884 in the village of Shancherovo Ryazan province, Michael county in a poor farming family. Orphaned early. Grew up and studied music in a military brass band in Astrakhan served — in the Caucasus, in Tambov, where he graduated from the School of Music.

In 1912, when the first Balkan War (Slavic countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece began to fight against the Ottoman Empire), Vasily Ivanovich wrote march "Farewell of Slav". Already in 1914, a march played throughout the Russian Federation! VI Agapkin rose to the rank of colonel, about 70 years old was the conductor of a military band did a lot of works for them. But the people as a whole, and later brought him worldwide fame specifically "Farewell of Slav" …

In the title of the march reflected one of the hardest tests that all lozhut war on women — to accompany his own man at war, and to believe in their return.

VI died Agapkin October 29, 1964 in the town of Moscow, and is buried in the cemetery Vagankovsky. On the headstone engraved notes of the opening bars of "Farewell of Slav".

On the 100th anniversary of the writing of the march "Farewell of Slav", Ryazan regional public organization "Union of Officers" came with an offer to the public of the town of Ryazan perpetuate the world recognized march and put his monument. 33 public organizations supported this initiative and signed a Proclamation to the administration of the town of Ryazan.

A contest for the best sketch proposal sculpture Basil Agapkina march "Farewell of Slav".

Can participate architects, designers, painters.

A sketch should be a free author's interpretation of a musical work in the form of sculpture, statue or memorial sign (small construction form) that will be hosted on the terrain of the town.

The competition is held regional public organization "Union of Officers" with the participation of the administration of the city of Ryazan 01.12. 2012 to 29. 04. 2013:

a) from 14.12.2012 till 15.03.2013, the — the reception of works;
b) with 18.03.2013 till 25.04.2013, the exhibition of the work;
c) 29.04.2013 g — summing up.

Submission of materials is done in the Ryazan regional public company "Union officers" at st. Bitter, 17, office 30 or 31, tel. 25-43-56, 8-9066488476. e-mail:

For the best sketch of the idea set monetary prize — 100,000 rubles (100 thousand rubles).

Requisites for the collection of funds for the installation of the monument:

Ryazan regional public fund development of historical and patriotic education and cultural heritage "Guardian" (Foundation "Custodian")

TIN 6230068614
KPP 623001001
Registered the address: 390023, Ryazan, st. Bimbo, etc. 51B
c / a 40703810400000000510 in Prio-Vneshtorgbank (JSC) in Ryazan
c / a 30101810500000000708,
BIC 046126708
OKPO 63956219
NACE 91.33
Primary State Registration Number 1106200000081

The payment order at the destination specified payment "Donation for the construction of the monument March "Farewell of Slav".

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