Marching army of Satan

Last Saturday, June 30, 2012, in the Bulgarian capital Sofia has hosted the fifth anniversary of the account gay parade "Sofia Pride 2012". It became quite clear who organizes and manages a bunch of demons in an Orthodox country — parade led by salting the U.S. in Bulgaria James Warlick and salting England Jonathan Alan.

Salting the U.S. in Bulgaria James Warlick welcomed the Ambassador of Great Britain Jonathan Alan saying, "I'm glad you build on the Sofia Gay Pride 2012!"

Apart from these 2-the most advanced buggers (did not want to write about as official representatives of the 2-states, but as for the other party to be called gay pride male) at this disgrace marched about half a thousand gays, lesbians and other deviants. Many of them — not even the Bulgarians and Europeans. This evil spirits fly to Sofia from around the world, as greenish corpse flies to smell poop. According to Bulgarian television specifically demonstrated very young lesbian, black woman, who spoke in a tone of mentoring Bulgarians in the British language about democracy, tolerance and development. But with whom we are "supposed" to take an example, the Orthodox Slavs! With dark Africa, where a third of the population is infected with AIDS. Where hitherto practiced ritual cannibalism, and there is an open slave trade and the economy of entire regions and tribal clans attached to Prof. piracy on the high seas. And the hunt to ask Warlick and Alan, where they found the creature? Neuzh something straight from the tops of African palm frustrated and brought to Bulgaria? Either of these specially grown in a nature reserve in its own highly developed countries?

How sad to admit it, of course,United States and Britain want, that Bulgaria "developed" to the level of the African countries, and do not spare the funds for their own ultimate goal. In the other for what they put this lesbian-Negro on a plane and paid her a very expensive ticket to Bulgaria? A vpribavok Holuiskya have ordered the government to broadcast this thing on Bulgarian television as the highest moral and civilizational authority.

For many decades, perhaps even centuries, certain forces are trying to damage the foundation of free human civilization, God — Homeland — Family. The family is a sacred alliance between the guy and lady, which is for life, with a view to the creation and upbringing of children. Marsh sodomites and lesbians have the most smooth and frenzied attack on the family.

The marketing board in Plovdiv, "Gay Pride is allowed, no smoking allowed. What's worse for civilization? "

Perverts they say that they are "marching for equal rights." Need to closely analyze what rights they reach themselves. Unless someone stops them to meet and have sex with himself for similar? Not if they are consenting to consenting adults, no no do not care about what they do at home. There are at their beloved institution and beloved place for meeting and not a lot of them out there who interferes.

"Equal rights" in the awareness of perverts — is entitled to enter into legitimate "marriage" and the book have surrogate babies' mothers. " The right osynovlyat and educate children. The right to "protect" kids from "homophobia". "Protection" is still learning in kindergarten and primary school classes, declares that homosexual perversion and the rest are "normal form" of communication between people. "Child Protection" implies their withdrawal from normal parents who raise them. "Child Protection" — it is also a decrease in age with the consent of the sexy 14 years (yes, in the Bulgarian legislation only 14 years old!) To 11-12 years, and in the next — and to 7-9. The United States has come summits pedofilskoy B4U organizations and other similar to it, where discussions are the tasks of "protecting children."

Perverts have gained great success in the world. But not everywhere their shady business goes smoothly. We are very pleased to note that sodomites meet the most stubborn resistance in Orthodox countries, despite the difference in their political orientation. In the 1980's and 1990's England stubbornly sought a gay parade in Greece. For over 20 years the Anglo-Saxons provided the pressure, using all their money and policy instruments. But no matter how trying, first march sodomites in Greece took place only in 2005. This is worth to write separately, but not in the web of disk imaging. Although the information on the "linear media" (paper, that is) is preserved, and a willingness and means to describe this struggle can and should be.

June 10, 1999 ended with the NATO war against Yugoslavia. Just two years later, on June 30, 2001, in Belgrade by specifying the local perverts West took to the gay pride parade, and humbly obedient to the Serbian authorities. Woe to the vanquished! But the nasty U.S. expectations were not realized. Serbian people went out on a real war against sodomites. In an unequal battle with heavily armed police dispersed the Serbian patriots perverts with stones, clubs and "Molotov cocktails." The next time sodomites emboldened to enter the parade only 4 years later — in 2005. Despite the full cooperation of law enforcement, the resistance of the people against gay parades in Serbia does not stop, and the participants at risk of being cruelly beaten.

The same pattern is observed in Bulgaria. First gay pride parade was held in the country in 2008. Police arrested 88 Test, which threw stones at gays. All dissent was not arrested, and many of the participants of the first sodomitskogo disgrace "counted ribs" batons. Each year, gay pride parades in Bulgaria hundred square meters of protected police and private guards. The procession route to this day has never declared for the earlier judgments of safety and perverts get at the disgrace is problematic.

The distant approaches to march mounted police patrols. On a cordon around the perimeter of the route every 5 meters is a personal guard or police officer. On the flanks of the marching column protect the heavily armed police. And to top it all — at the end of the column are vans with an elite police unit frisky response. When the attack on the perverts cordon on hand column and perimeter path must stand in line and prevent a breakthrough. Group frisky response to the end of the column immediately knock-hitter into the flank. Mounted police patrol ordered to set aside and rushing to the foaming horses, collapse the rear attacker. The Bulgarian government has spared no effort or resources in the fight against their own people. Each year, for the protection of the procession of perverts attracted the best police force and the army (yes, the military police guards also sodomites), with the role of mounted police and water cannons to deal with massive mess.

Bulgarian sodomites say that they were at the parade in 1500. There is clearly seen that there were less than 500. But the parade of 1,000 policemen guarded. The photo shows a concrete guard on the left, the same column of policemen is right. At the end of the march — vans with a group of frisky response. Adding a police cordon along the whole route — in the photo, they do not go and stand in a line that is deployed on the right. And keep in mind the mounted police, military police, water cannons, police grenade wit
h gas and stun grenades.

And yet, whenever buggers still beating! Though on the outskirts of the procession, though after it — until now was not the 1st year in which sodomites do not "try" fists, batons and shoe Bulgarian nationalists. Last Saturday, 300 nationalists opposed the march sodomites. After the protest march, the Patriots are not returned to their homes. Bulgarian health authorities were not afraid of any police horses neighing, no banging truncheons, water cannons or sights or police launchers for gas and shock grenades. They stayed on the perimeter of the gay pride parade, shouting slogans and protests expected. As usual, this time waited for the end of the gathering of nationalists perverts, and gave him his due — his fists on the Borgin and shoes in the ass.

Not in vain television journalists intervyuiruyuschie James Warlick, wished him "a good rest and save yourself." Warlick tried to pass himself off as a hero and, smiling broadly, said that "going to march without protection." "Without protection" — a sassy heresy. Who then will assume a thousand policemen, reinforced by a group of frisky response, mounted police, aqua gun, grenade launchers and military police? In addition, we absolutely do not believe that the South American intelligence agencies have left their own senior representative in the country without a specific personal protection. But to reveal hidden security senior diplomat's not everyone's strength. And yet it is unclear what will end the attempt. After all, in Bulgaria there are three South American military bases are not subordinate to Bulgarian law and not controlled by the Bulgarian authorities. And you have to assume that each of them has a hidden CIA bullpen, where the recognition of State Condoleezza Rice "secretly hold persons suspected of terrorism."

With pain in my heart the ordinary people of the world must recognize that Our homeland has remained the only Christian country, where the world's population can develop freely, focusing on the three pillars of the age-old civilization — God, homeland and Family. All other developed countries, although it remains Christian in spirit and historical tradition, and their rulers are worshiping Satan. Satan's army is marching across the Globe, bringing the peoples of decline, ruthlessness and destruction. Satan dehumanizes people and turns people into a faceless mass of self-absorbed, malicious and vicious consumers. Without faith in God, no country, no family.

This was Satan's triumph must end! No ordinary, free, thinking man does not want to be a statistical chelovekoedinitsey the future kingdom of the Antichrist — the global electric camp.

The sacred duty of — make a rock-solid municipal doctrine based on the formula God the Mother-Family!

Our homeland has to promote this concept so that it would be joined by as many countries in the world. Feelings and efforts of free people in the world, including in Europe and the United States, will focus on the creation and maintenance of the spiritual health of the whole population.

God help us!

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