Marshals troubled times. Tukhachevskiy

11 June 1937 A special bench of 6 commanders higher ranks on charges of komplote sentenced the Russian Union of Marshal Tukhachevsky and Misha's "group of traitors" to capital punishment. Destruction of the control of the Red Army as a clear "case of war" (case "anti-Soviet Military Organization").

June 12, 1937 the newspaper "Izvestia" published the following text: "Spies Tukhachevsky, Yakir, Uborevich, Cork, Eideman, Feldman, Primakov and travel, sell the sworn enemies of socialism, dared to raise a bloody hand on stosemidesyatimillionnogo life and happiness of the people who created the Stalin constitution build a society where there is no longer exploiting classes … "

There are several versions of these events. According to the "canonical" version, marshal Russian Union of Misha Tukhachevskiy and his companions were victims of general "cleaning", which in the second half of the 1930s was carried out everywhere.

But there is another: komplot existed but was not targeted against the Russian government, and personally against Stalin. This version gained popularity thanks to an article in the journal South American Life in 1953. The creator of this article, and also the book of the same name under the title "Undercover story of Stalin's crimes" was General Alexander Orlov, who had fled from Spain, where he was in 1930, he led the Russian intelligence residency in the United States.

In his article, he claimed that a group of security officers were discovered in the archives of the documents that should conclusively that Stalin was an agent provocateur of the royal secret police. The documents have been brought to the attention of the People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Balytsky, who, in turn, said that the commander of the Kiev military district Iona Yakir and the head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Stanislav Kosior. Soon the news came up to the Marshal Tukhachevskogo. So there komplot: It was decided during the meeting of the huge chain of command and seize the Kremlin arrest of Stalin. But the information about the preparation of the coup became known to Stalin before the conspirators led to the implementation of this plan.

Proponents believe the next version of that file on the "komplote in the Red Army" was fabricated by intelligence agencies of Nazi Germany and in the end a very narrow Abwehr operation "palm off" Stalin.

In accordance with another version of a file on Tukhachevsky was born in the walls of the NKVD, the German secret services had been planted in the hope that they are, interested in the "decapitation" of the Red Army, Stalin played along and assist him to unleash anti-army terror.

It is clear that the incriminating documents Tukhachevskogo security organs began to hoard even in the middle of the 1920s. However, in 1932 Tukhachevskiy was appointed first deputy commissar in 1933 was awarded the Order of Lenin, in 1935, he was promoted to the rank of marshal Russian Union. He became the youngest Marshal of the USSR.

But by May 11, 1937 Tukhachevskogo was removed from the post of Deputy Commissar and sent to Kuibyshev command of the Volga Military neighborhood. Before leaving, he headed for a meeting with Stalin. The leader has promised that it will soon return to Moscow. Stalin kept his word: May 24 Tukhachevskiy returned to Moscow — the Lubyanka, under escort.

First days of Tukhachevsky tried to deny his guilt, but later signed a confession. It may be a prerequisite for that served as torture, which authorized the use of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the arrested in the case, taking a particular decision.

It was formed by a special bench of the Supreme Court headed by Vasily Ulrich, which brought in Jacob Alksnisa Deputy People's Commissar of Defence, the Chief of Staff of the Red Army Boris Shaposhnikov, the Far Eastern Army commander Vasily Blucher, the commanders of the surroundings Seeds Budennogo Ivan Belov, Pavel Dybenko, Nicholas Kashirina. Many of them were later persecuted.
The verdict in the case of the military komplote was announced June 11, 1937 at 23 hours 35 minutes. Happy June 12 Tukhachevsky was shot in the basement of the bullpen in the "Lefortovo."

In 1957, the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR rehabilitated Misha Tukhachevsky.

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