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Summer Camouflage

Masking the sniper is not just procedure — is a rite of correct execution of which life depends. On the selection of masking or even days are spent months, it all depends on the degree of difficulty of the task and the position for firing.

Personally, I've always had four types of camouflage for every time of the year. All disguise make or remade purely personally, with respect to what areas it will be applied. I think that everyone is familiar with the so-referred to as the universal camouflage "wood spirit" — the dimensionless hoodie or khaki suit with a lot of fabric sewn patches.

Well suited for camouflage in the dense forests and wetlands. A man dressed in a suit itself, is hard to see from 5 feet. Camouflage-type gown itself is immaculate for scouts and snipers attacking management, but snipers single it is not suitable because of the low masking capabilities.

The usual camouflage cloak is sure to be composed of composite materials, which include elements of the local flora. True to disguise and good camouflage completely invisible hand is doing. There were times when the search parties were held directly by a sniper and did not notice it.

For the base is taken everyday camouflage (I used our hill because of good fabric and strength), on which sewed scraps of fabric of various widths and lengths in increments of one to two centimeters. Use a rough cloth, like a sack (burlap also suitable, especially for the autumn version). Black and bright green coloring is better not to use it, and after the sewing of camouflage cloak itself well to roll the mud and river silt, then just rinse with water. This will give him a natural coloring and removes odors CONSTRUCT inherent in modern clothes (camouflage can not be washed with detergent or other cleaning agents, the smell of them will be long-eroding and may issue arrow). From inside the suit one can Hem thermal blanket, it will allow to keep the heat inside the camouflage and will not let go out, which will hide the hand of thermal imagers. After tailoring a suit specifically, we undertake the ready veils. It will consist of a grid (you can take everyday fishing net) and gum from which you want to make a loop and attach to the grid. On the sides do fasteners that will allow us to give the bedspread form capes. By bedspread is certainly attach the hood to the network for the face.

This coming on arrival in the loop are threaded grass and twigs of plants, giving the appearance of grass cape. This will allow further blur your silhouette, which is the main task of masking. To use the rifle vtochnosti the same length of nets with loops. Apart from some clothes and can be use and artificial shelter. For example, a wire frame with a forced upon him by the network. Top of the grid can be laid dead wood or humus, and under the shelter dig a comfortable stove bench.

The face and hands are susceptible to insect attack with such fury that the mosquitoes are already slurp, sucking krovushku with you, but the ability to move and drive them will not. Help here wolf or bear grease. It is required to mix with powdered charcoal and apply a thin layer on the skin. After such make-up you not only mosquitoes, and the dog with the rest of the living creatures will jump as uchuyut. In order to avoid the insects under the clothes of all the cuff additionally equipped with rubber bands on the elbow and knees.

Selecting shooting position must be designed. Not suitable thick bushes and the highest grass — like the first and second well will hide from prying eyes, but through the dense bush retreat hard and very dangerous because it will give the position of the branches stir. In the highest grass is a lot of tracks that are impossible to hide. Perfectly suited roots of trees, bumps and mountains deadwood. The main thing to take a position in front of them, then you will not stand out against the sky and the rest of the forest of sight. Are perfect places nasty for the average person (gryazyuka, next to a decaying animal carcass or feces) — specifically, they will be more casually inspected by a nasty flavor.

The only discrepancy that can not be solved at a technical level remains Urinating natural needs of the shooter. The more you drink, the more you hunt for the toilet to avoid the use of acidic or mints. Urine collection can be use plastic bottle (in the winter time your waste product also warm you up), but if you cover too small, then use a condom. It is not as reliable as a bottle, but it is much more compact and convenient.

I think that the knowledge acquired posodeystvuyut for you on the hunt and the organization of perimeter security, as from time to time one sniper is a platoon of infantry assault.

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