Mass protest in Moscow, according to the results of voting in elections

One of the most popular of the opposition against the election results in the Municipal Duma (convocation 6), held in Moscow on December 4, during which delayed a little more than 300 people.

Chistoprudny Boulevard, the evening went on Mon meeting (Authorized) against the results of the elections a little earlier in the Municipal Duma. The action was attended by 3-5 thousand man. Because of all of the shares of the crowded car traffic on Chistoprudny Boulevard was very difficult.

After action ended, the participants went to all the staff CEC. Their path led down the street Butcher Street, in the direction of the Lubyanka. According to various data column included a little more than 1.5 thousand man. Because it was an unauthorized march, the police tried to prevent it in every possible way, and that's why the detention began, and collision.

As reported by blogger «varlamov»: «The participants did not want and did not intend to leave, then applied a riot batons to disperse protesters in the hope. People blocked the road, and then headed towards the Lubyanka Square. Close to Metro "Pure ponds", the police detained several hundred people. Tighter and more violent, arrests took place near the hotel "Metropol". After that, some of the people went to the subway, and even march marched on several stations. "

In the MOI said that more than 300 man, that took part in the protest were arrested in the capital. It was also noted that those arrested were taken to one of the closest parts of the Interior Ministry. There will soon be drawn up for each protester regarding this administrative offense taken clarification, and then all of them set free.

It should be noted that among the detainees were Ilya Yashin (co-movement called "Solidarity"), and Alexei Navalny (known opposition).

In an interview with journalist RBC, a little earlier, A. Navalny said the reason that prompted him to go on meeting. He came to show their disagreement. "We have to get together, to merge and to show that we litsezreem and we know that the elections were illegitimate, unfair!" — Excitedly approved the A. Bulk.

Because of the opposition march, police units were blocked passages to the State Duma of the Tverskaya street, cordoned off Manezh Square, and enhanced security on all the major subway stations.

By the way, in St. Petersburg, also held the opposition protests, but unauthorized meeting was quite swiftly broken up by the authorities. Many of the meeting participants were detained.

Let me remind you that in the very day of elections, in the capital for roles in various unsanctioned protests, 258 arrested man. A few of days earlier, the police announced that it will be fully apprehended all those who will be participating rallies. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, commented at the time: "The police want to act on the basis of the rules of the law of. The citizens intending to engage in unauthorized activities need to be aware that there will be arrested and detained. "

After the treatment protocols (96%) of the State Duma elections, "United Russia" received 49.42% of votes of the Communist Party won 19.19% of the votes, the Liberal Democratic Party won 11.66% of the vote, "Fair Russia" won 13.22% of votes. All these parties are held in the Municipal Duma. By the definitions of the CEC, on the basis of the preliminary data, the "United Russia" will get 238 seats, the Communist Party — 92, LDPR — 56, "Fair Russia" — 64.

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