Matrix exists

The human brain works like a radio receiver in a known spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies (alpha and beta rhythms, etc.). The average frequency of 7 MHz … corresponds to the natural frequency of the Earth. The frequency of the brain is set on a scale of fear — love. Information coming into the brain in the form of thoughts is read from the data field of the universe and its quality depends on the quality setting — the higher the sense of the brighter ideas. Artificial extremely low frequency (ELF) via the communications network in order to stimulate the ego — the fear of separateness from others and the introduction of false information on a subconscious level through the media (from what fear and how to get rid of) make it possible to control the actions of the world's population. Also, for the application of ELF is the jamming of telepathic communication, communication with the cosmos, an obstacle to the natural setting of the brain vibration of the Earth and the Sun.

Sign of the impact of ELF — buzzing in the ears, irritability and fatigue. On the Internet there is more information about the compartmentalized effects — psychotronic weapons, as well there are computer viruses that affect the user's aura and many people know what an unpleasant impact does advertising and spam. Antenna complexes such as HARP, aimed into the ionosphere — the aura of the Earth, it's psychotronic weapons, acting on the consciousness of the planet. The goal — production controlled and managed electromagnetic energy, the power of thought. The power of thought — electromagnetic energy (yin yang) is the sole and universal form of energy in the universe, a tool of self-knowledge and the support of Soul, produced in this case, the gravitational interaction with the planet Nibiru. Management of the planet in space. Gravity-magnetic force that attracts us to the earth as dust to a TV screen. The planet (planetary entity) has a definite place in the space corresponding to its vibrations in the electromagnetic range.

When psychotronic influence on the consciousness of the planet and changing its frequency of vibration, the planet will move into the space corresponding to these vibrations by the desire to balance the universe. Nibiru is in the range of lower vibration as is afraid to stay in interstellar space, and therefore adjustment of solar system on the vibration of fear it will create for the gravitational attraction because like attracts like. This power now is not so big, so bring on Nibiru's orbit around the Sun, and also prevents this aspiration solar system to get rid of lower vibrations. This manifests as solar activity and natural disasters on Earth. But with long-term exposure for thousands of years is possible. It is because of the danger of such maneuvers are built underground shelters and entire cities. As the result, the Earth can turn into Mars.

The interaction with the planet Nibiru happened since Atlantis (the Tower of Babel, a great flood). In our time, subject to other technologies. For example a multi-storey house — battery array, built of concrete — insulator from electromagnetic radiation in this case, the earth and sun, a window only to ensure the survival of man and through computer networks of support within the low-frequency vibration. A man from inside, begins to resonate with them and being a powerful energy amplifier sends a strong ground nizkovibratsionny charge acting on the aura of land is in a compressed space of an apartment building as people act on each other, thus achieving a more powerful effect. The setting is also made of the "charged" with water from the tap and drugs and food additives make biomateryal more pliable.

Humanity will be used as bio-robots as long as there is no set up an autonomous life support system to maximize the use of the electromagnetic force of thought. Then it will become fashionable to stick himself in the head and go to the wire in a bath of water. Movies — information that subconsciously the programming direction of materialization of thought (visualization) representing the desired result.

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