Maxim Reva: The Betrayal of the state elite in Estonia and retribution people

Maxim Reva: The Betrayal of the national elite of Estonia and retribution peopleThe contract of purchase of the Estonian

Once the municipal historian and politician, representative of normal Estonian elite, Mart Laar said that, Russian Alliance guilty of that Estonia was involved in World War II. A strange statement. Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Finland and other small European countries were not part of the Soviet Union became involved in World War II. A Estonia, if not Russian Alliance, has managed to remain neutral, as it managed to Sweden and Switzerland. Sovereign Laar, saw as a historian, and that Sweden and Switzerland were then European financial and technology centers, which gave them some reassurance. Besides mountain Switzerland had good armed forces capable of waging war in specific high criteria and Sweden, as a result, in exchange for their own contrived neutrality, has agreed to all conditions of Hitler. It is important to see, especially if you associate these countries with Estonia, which, despite the internal problems, and Sweden and Switzerland were the standards of democracy. And with all of all of this, the neutrality of the state was temporary, as long as it was profitable to Hitler.

And that still was in Estonia in 1939, which could provide her neutrality. It's nothing. In Estonia was (similar to the current) economic crisis, low level of industrial production, the highest levels of personal debt, unemployment and social tension, ill-equipped army, the inconsistency in foreign policy. After the coup, VAPS, in Estonia by the authoritarian regime of President Konstantin Pats. In '38 he formally has thrown a legitimate and democratic views. Economic and social issues were addressed in the style of Fascist Italy — the construction of the concentration of labor camps, deported to the unemployed and other social undesirables parts.

But the main problem of Estonia, was selling out her state elite. This fact is confirmed by even the Estonian historians. With the foreign intelligence services cooperated the entire top of the Estonian Republic, including the management of the armed forces and security services. Under these criteria talk about the independence of Estonia is very difficult, not that of neutrality.

Even with all of this in all of Estonia and 2-its southern neighbors on the Baltic coast was still able to maintain a neutral status. And this was not destiny realized. In April 1939 three-way talks on the Soviet Union, Britain and France had declared the need to ensure the independence and neutrality of the Baltic states. Negotiations have not met with success because of militaristic plans of Great Britain and France.

After the failure of these negotiations, on April 28, Germany does offer a contract of non-aggression Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Norway, Finland and Sweden have refused. In Lithuania, a similar contract was signed in March of the same year. Note: neutral Sweden refused, and Estonia signed a contract June 7, 1939.

German historian Rolf Amann wrote a memorandum on June 8, 1939, with reference to an article Undercover demanding from Estonia and Germany to coordinate all measures against the Soviet Union. This fact is indirectly confirmed by the statement of the Estonian Ambassador in Moscow, Ray August, at a meeting with Ambassador of England SIDS that in case of war of Germany against the Soviet Union, Estonia would side with Germany. It can be argued that the neutrality of Estonia was buried June 7, 1939. And Estonia was an ally of Nazi Germany.

According to a contemporary Estonian historians, the loss of Estonia's independence and neutrality povinet Stalin contrived, and in part, it is a little Hitler. The document confirming this, called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. In Europe, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its secret protocols to be just like a separate agreement between the USSR and Nazi Germany on the eastern section of Europe, calling the Soviet Union as an aggressor and an ally of Germany.

But the agreement between oboestoronnie, Latvia, Estonia and Germany, have assumed, as we have learned, the alliance between these cases the intention of the Baltic states and the border countries in the event of war between the USSR and Germany, to side with the Nazis. In this connection it is worth to pay attention to the same Polish-German agreement of 1934 and the behavior of Poland in 1938, when the Republic of Poland, in fact, acted as an aggressor against Czechoslovakia and Germany, along with the annexed part of Czechoslovakia areas.

Taking into account the obvious and secret agreements, brutal behavior of Poland, Latvia and Estonia, it is safe to say that by the summer of 1939 on the borders of the USSR, near its huge cities and industrial centers, were allies of Nazi Germany. These allies could give the Nazis their deployment areas for operational groups of the Wehrmacht.

Taking into account the political and military situation on the borders of the USSR, the contract of non-aggression between Germany and the Russian Union must be evaluated from a military point of view. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its hidden protocols were diplomatic maneuver, the purpose of which was to gain time, without military intervention to neutralize the obvious allies of the enemy, to push the proposed deployment location of enemy forces from their own actual principal objects to get the operating room.

And even after the betrayal of Hitler's own border countries of the Baltic, Estonia was still a chance to preserve their independence. An example of this is in Finland is not signed at the time the agreement with either the Soviet Union or with Germany. But, September 28, 1939 Estonia again signed a mutual assistance pact, now with the Russian Union. Covenant provides for the establishment of a local Estonian military bases of the Red Army. Then, in justification of this agreement, historians utter that Estonia was defenseless against the Russian Union, because in contrast to Finland in Estonia held a mobilization against the Soviet Union. And after that, in the criteria, when Russian Alliance worked part of higher management in Estonia, it could not be.

Estonian historians it is time to recognize the Mutual Assistance Pact between the USSR and Estonia, the contract of sale of the Estonian elite of Estonia.

The entire chain of events took place in the 30s in Europe led to the second world war. Venality of the Estonian elite English, German, Russian secret services, the army and the weak economy, promiscuity in foreign policy did not feasible neutrality of Estonia. Heavy social situation of the population, unemployment, debts German and Swedish banks, have made conditions for the accession of Estonia to the Russian alliance.

The plan "Ost", which conducted its own people Estonian elite

22 September for those who remember the feat of Russian fighter will always be the date of the liberation of Estonia from Russian Nazism. But modern Estonian elite made this day the "Day of Resistance." Estonian official propaganda krivodushno argues that this day the memory of all who resisted the occupation regimes of Nazi Germany and the Russian Union. But is it?

Why chosen date September 22, 1944, why is not selected start date of the Nazi occupation of Estonia or the Nazi seizure of Tallinn? Why, after 1991 the Estonian authorities to honor only those who took the oath of allegiance to Hitler and those on whom more blood of innocent people of the Union of R
ussian, including Estonians than the blood of Russian fighter? The answer is unequivocal, as in understanding contemporary Estonian elite of the occupier and the enemy was the only Estonian Russian Alliance.

The official propaganda says to us that when in September 1944 from Tallinn left Nazi forces on the tower very long Herman raised Estonian State flag, and at the time was the government of Otto Tief. But what does this event have to resist? Still, it was clear if before September 22, 1944 in Estonia was a national liberation underground, and in the woods would oppose the national Estonian partisans, but something no one had heard of any of the actions of the Estonian Resistance, nor of the Estonian government guerrillas. So who then formed a government contrived, and what was his activity during the Nazi occupation?

The Nazis, knowing that their business in the Baltic states, after the defeat at Kursk and the final lifting of the blockade of Leningrad, lost, decided to make a puppet government who had to sacrifice the children of their own people, that would cover the retreat of German forces. In Estonia, was created by the state committee, which in March 1944 supported the mobilization of women in the Estonian SS. Note, not declared the fight against the invaders, and supported their actions. During this committee was supported by Helmar Mäe favorite Estonian civilian administration formed by the Nazis. This is the administration proudly announced Estonia, 20th January 1942, Yudenfray. The news was disseminated by the Nazi propaganda loudly, everyone knew it, including members of the government and the future of Otto Tief. But none of them has not filed voices indignation, not looking at the fact that the Jews were destroyed by the citizens of the Republic of Estonia.

In general do not understand how you can play up the theme of Otto Tief's government as a legitimate and lawful government of the Republic of Estonia. For all European standards, it was the government collaborators with the Nazis. And, as it should, Russian alliance had the right to eliminate structures collaborators.

During the war, the Estonian elite again threw Estonian people. Instead of what would have to advocate, encourage young people who voluntarily entered the service of the Nazis or mobilized against her will, with a gun in his hands to go into the forest and start a war of liberation. The Estonian elite Taciturn or proactively supported the Nazis, as it should, support and implementation of a plan "Ost".

According to the plan, "the East", which was developed prior to the attack of Nazi Germany on the Russian Alliance, Estonians made available for the duration of the war autonomy. But the plan "Ost" means that area of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus were subject to colonization by Germans. Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Belarusians planned, regardless of their proximity to the Aryan race, or deported to Central Russia and Siberia, or assimilate.

Estonians, who had signs of "Nordic race" — blond hair and eyes, etc. — Declared racially vsepolnotsennymi were good and in order to enter into a marriage with newcomers to their lands by German colonists. Was the condition of mandatory education, babies born in such marriages, in the spirit of German culture, they became Germans.

Racially bad Estonians were doomed to expulsion from the territory of the Reich Commissariat "Ostland" in the center of, on condition that, in the end, after one or two generations to degenerate and the abyss. But before that they intended to use as policemen and small heads. As discussed in the notes to the plan "Ost": "On the broad areas of the East, not intended for colonization by the Germans, we would need a huge number of people who were brought up in a certain degree in a European spirit and learned the basic concepts of European culture."

So Makarov, during majestically Russian War, when a part of the Estonian nation was at war with the peoples of Europe against the Nazis, the Estonian government elite, taking the path of collaboration and betrayal, conducted its own people on the path of assimilation and extinction.

How to clear history teaches us that it is not what one teaches. Modern Estonian elite continues betrayal of their own people. Through revision of history, calling the perpetrators — the heroes of collaborators — the resistance fighters, engaging in new alliances, while continuing to plan for the East against the Russian population in Estonia, today's leaders of the Estonian people lead to the degradation of civilization. They put the Estonian government, from which, under the constitution of the Republic of Estonia depends Estonian language and culture, to the brink of extinction.

State elite educated people and the elite is responsible for its own people, and people responsible for those brought up. In 1948, were deported from Estonia more than 20 thousand people. Estonian historians and politicians love to talk about the sins of the Stalinist regime against the Estonian people. But it is time to look at yourself Estonian people for deportation, as retribution for his betrayal and collaboration with the enemy's state elite that ran along with their Nazi masters abroad, and continues to betray him in our days are.

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