Mayor of Vladivostok posted a Web video of arbitrariness and corruption in the army

Chief of the army and security services headquarters of the 107th Brigade (in / hr number 6890), stationed in Vladivostok Maj. Igor Matveev situated in a web video message in which told about the arbitrariness and corruption in the army, reports With the request to take immediate action Maj. appealed to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, and the prime minister, Vladimir Putin, Commander of Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry, General Nikolai Rogozhkin and Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev.

Namely, Maj. Matveyev said the conscripts and contract feeding canned food for dogs. Above the dog food label, "Belka and Strelka" glued label "premium beef stew." Banks with real corned beef were expired. Photos from the military warehouse posted in the web.

In addition, Igor Matveyev said, on the ground that the military unit migrant workers live. At the same time, it also captured on photos and videos. 18 Chinese lived in one of the blocks with the permission of that is in violation of counterterrorism security. Newcomers were sleeping on the floor, right there — preparing food and eating in unsanitary criteria.

According to Major Matveeva on the terrain of the free pass any cars without inspection — on an oral agreement with the authorities. The photo shows both of the free taxi ride around. Other photographs fighters will ship from the warehouse in something personal machine ensign.

The blame for corruption and irregularities in the part Matveev lays down on Colonel Sultanbekova that, apart from the rest, allegedly declared the deputy commander of the battalion's own younger brother. If it has increased the number of injuries in the middle of the military, but this hides the fact-intensive.

Mayor Matveyev told that he was offered hush money increase, translating to Khabarovsk and housing there. After the refusal was followed by the removal of system units and removal of the inspection of the cars coming in, and the commanders of the brigades commanded Tipo ignore Major Matveeva.

Matveyev told, that has twice appealed to management in the form of video. So, in 2003, when he served in Khabarovsk, fabricated a case against him, according to the views of the major, for being too "talkative" and was released from jail only after the intervention of the public, the Council of Europe on Human Rights. History repeated itself in 2007-2008 in severity, where because of his revelations against Matveeva, he said, it was again the case was fabricated. Then he defended lawyer Stanislav Markelov and human rights activist Natalya Estemirova.

Matveeva fired from a part of a few days after the occurrence of a network video, the official version — for breach of military discipline.

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