McFaul and Antonov discuss European missile defense

McFaul and Antonov discuss European missile defense

Michael McFaul, salting the United States, met with Anatoly Antonov, the deputy defense minister. At the meeting, not counting the rest of the problem open a discussion deploy a missile defense system in Europe. This RIA Announcements on Saturday said representative of the press service and disk imaging Defense The Russian Federation.

According to the representative, the meeting was accomplished in Moscow on February 10.

"The parties identified during the meeting of joint work by the military authorities as an important element of US-Russian relations. Open a discussion of the prospects of military cooperation in the current year ", — said representative Ministry of Defense.

"Antonov directed the attention of the U.S. Ambassador to prepyadstviya deployment of U.S. missile defense components in Europe, said an assessment of its potential, as laid out approaches to the development of relations in the region ", — he said.

As the representative of the Ministry of Defense, a meeting held in a constructive atmosphere.

Between NATO and Russia have reached an agreement to cooperate in the field of European missile defense system in 2010, at the Lisbon Summit. But negotiations have stalled, as the South American side refused to grant enforceable guarantee that system will not be directed against the deterrence of. In November 2011, President Medvedev announced a series of measures the diplomatic and military-technical character, that our homeland is here deployment in Europe missile defense system.

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