McFaul says that Americans do not aim its missiles at Russia

McFaul said that Americans do not aim its missiles at RussiaAs passed yesterday, RIA "Novosti", the United States plans to place missiles in Europe, but they can not be used against Russian missiles. This is salting the U.S. to Russia Michael McFaul wrote on Sunday in "Twitter".

Here he wrote salting: "Missiles, which we plan to place in Europe would not be aimed at Russia, and they do not have the ability to withstand Russian missiles."

Recall that in November 2010 at the summit of our homeland — the Lisbon NATO Alliance and the Russian Federation agreed on mutual cooperation in the development of European missile defense. Russian side believes that the creation of a system European missile defense should proceed on the basis of equal rights and adequate confidence-building measures as full transparency on missile defense.

U.S. officials said the administration has not once claimed that their missile defense is not aimed against Russia and its strategic potential and that mutual cooperation in the field of missile defense would be profitable to everyone: NATO, the U.S. and Russia.

But for the Russian side is not a lot of oral statements. Fundamentally in principle, that the guarantee of non-targeting system European missile defense against the Russian Federation have been recorded in writing, in a legal form. NATO is an old habit of his own calls Russia believe in the word that missile defense will not be used against Russian nuclear deterrent. Russia has repeatedly said it will not completely aware of what role in the system European missile defense mean take her to the United States. After all, the role of third-party observer Russia can not arrange.

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