Medvedev allowed to declassify the Katyn massacre

For the first time officially posted documents revealing the blame for the death of Polish officers

Documents relating to the Katyn disaster, is now available to everyone — Russian Federal Archival Agency (Rosarchiv) arranged them on electric versions of their own official website. ITAR-TASS, the papers were placed on the web by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

Agency head Andrei Artizov explained to "Interfax" that such makarom Our homeland Poland shows the absolute openness on this issue: "We, the Russian side are showing absolute openness in the story of what happened at Katyn, what happened in other places with Polish prisoners of war, released all of the major documents of the event. "

"I again want to say that electric images anywhere on the official websites of governmental our bodies are not located, and placement on the official website — the first," — said Artizov. In addition, he noted that since it was the special significance of the documents, top secret, had access to them one.

"This is a package of documents from the famous Number 1, a package that decade in closed archives of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee on the Rights of particular relevance and open the package only had the right general secretary and manager of the Office of the Central Committee or the Head of the General Department in the presence of the Secretary General. No other access to the package did not have, "- said the head of Rosarkhiv.

The document is at number one — it's a memo Beria to Stalin. There are numbers in the camps for prisoners of war are all, except for fighter and non-commissioned officers (and then released to their homes), 14 thousand 736 former officers, officials, landowners, police, gendarmes, jailers, osadnikov, intelligence, nationality Above 97% — Polish. The report concludes with the sentence: "Based on the fact that they are age-old, irreparable enemies Russian authorities, the NKVD of the USSR considers it necessary to: Businesses that are in POW camps … make out in a special manner with the use of capital punishment — execution. The cases hold without calling free pred'yavleniya arrested and charged … "

Andrew Artizov noted that "on this note are the original resolution Stalin and other members of the Politburo, in other words, Voroshilov, Molotov, Mikoyan. "Also in this package is the text of the Politburo decision of 5 March 1940, and expressed agreement with the proposals of Beria about the shooting of Polish officers," — said Artizov.

Recall that in the execution of more than 14 thousand Polish officers in the Katyn Russian propaganda blamed the Germans. Those held in 1943 an "independent investigation" of inviting professionals from several states. Russian authorities dubbed the findings of this commission, "Goebbels' propaganda."

That's what they say about it in one of the officially posted documents. KGB chief Alexander Shelepin Nikita Khrushchev wrote:

"On the contrary, any unexpected accident can lead to raskonspiratsii of the operation, with all the unnecessary consequences for our country. All the more so that in respect of those shot in the Katyn forest there is an official version, confirmed produced on the initiative of Russian authorities in 1944, the investigation committee, called the "Special Committee to identify and investigate the shooting Nazi invaders in the Katyn forest officers of the Polish prisoners of war."

According to the findings of this commission there liquidated all Poles number of destroyed by German occupiers. Proceedings of the investigation at that time widely reported in the Russian press and zabugornoy. The findings, firmly entrenched in international public opinion.

Based on the above it seems appropriate to kill all the accounts in the case of persons who were executed in 1940 by betrothed up operation. "

Approximately the "unforeseen accident" and there was — in 1992, Russian President Boris Yeltsin handed over to the Polish side copies of these documents. For a long time there were disputes over securities — whether to consider them genuine. Several historians, political and public figures, such as Yuri Mukhin, Alexander Shirokorad, Vladislav Swede Viktor Ilyukhin thought they were forged. Unfortunately, promptly contact the people listed wording "joint venture" has failed.

Chief editor of "Tomorrow" Prokhanov, previously stated its commitment to the "Soviet" version, in an interview with "SP" then explained his position as follows:

"I really believe our propaganda — and believe Stalin, Khrushchev, and believe, and Brezhnev and Gorbachev, and Putin and Medvedev. Now they say to me that this Russian shot, and before they were that Germans shot. What did I — I'm a fool. I'm just ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation, with his mouth open, listening to all the noodles, and rejoice more than her, the more I'm happy.

— In other words, do you think this part of the publication of propaganda?

— I believe that it is right, and that, too, was right. This is the power of our propaganda. Need as much as possible, the .. hang on Russian history and Russian alliance, then we will win in this world. Then we lose Siberia, do not be sorry. It's true, we're not only Poles were shot, and we all Jews burnt in kilns, power and cursed Russian Jews burnt, she, by the way, and the Redskins exterminated in the United States. At the moment, we will publish the files, they are prepared to be read that Stalin destroyed the U.S. Redskins. That's my point of view. "

In a society "Memorial", which for years sought the publication of materials on the Katyn case, believe that our homeland has made a fundamental step on the final settlement of the conflict. But, as Ian Raczynski, a member of the board of the "Memorial" as far disclosed the whole truth.

— What is it all the same for the documents, you can find out from them something new?

— Placed documents from the so-called "package number 1" spice has long been known, in 1992, a copy of these papers were handed over to the Polish side, and from the time they are well studied. We will publish them in their own publications.

What has happened now — it's a fundamental symbolic step, it is the first official publication, the official website for the originals, and at least some hope now can see. These documents have been declassified before, but now there is an indication that they played on the original, and there is responsible for the accuracy of the publication.

This is another step showing that no one is guilty swing Russian control in this crime, and hunt hope that it does not last. To remove all of the issues have to do quite a little.

— And what exactly?

— The main remaining question is related to the investigation of the Katyn case, which was initiated in 1990 and conducted the Main Military Prosecutor's Office. In 2004, the investigation was terminated when all of this was classified as the very decision to terminate, and most of the materials of the criminal case. From our point of view, this classification is illegal, and we are fighting for the abolition of the decision.

— At what stage of the process?

— The latest decision of the Supreme Court on this issue was made a few days back. It ruled that the Moscow City Court must see our statement on declassifying the point. Earlier, the Moscow City Court refuses to consider it, saying that "Memorial" has no right to deal with a similar statement.

— What more c
an be revealed?

— The problem is that we do not know the names of those who recognized the consequence of guilty in this crime. Based on circumstantial evidence, the names of Stalin and his henchmen are not there. It is also unclear what exactly was possible to establish the investigation. If in respect of the officers were shot on secondary documents can be established who and where he was shot, in respect of prisoners — and there were about 7,000 people were shot later — where they were killed and buried, for the most part unclear. Unsettled issues and reasons to hide from the Russian Federation not — this Russian crime control, not the Russian Federation and the people.

Naturally, the question remains about the rehabilitation of the executed. This can be made the President's decision, or in the ordinary order of the prosecutor's office, which to this day refuses to do so.

— As I have read, all the cases were destroyed. There is a chance that they are at the moment to be discovered?

— In all likelihood, they really destroyed, although, again, the investigation was to verify these facts. In addition, there are different sets of documents that reveal these or other details. For example, not so long ago placed in the "Novaya Gazeta", as in Kharkov is one of the graves of the Polish prisoners of war tried to kill in the 60s, after local residents found him. Different kinds of details have surfaced and later.

— What were the motives classify the investigation?

— I think that it is faster stupidity than malice, I suspect that the harsh motives and was not. It may have played a universal mania secrecy that exists in Russian times when we closed all in a row without any meaning. On the other hand, it may be to follow a purely formal grounds — from materials of any archives were transferred without any formal process of declassification, and on this basis it was decided to close it.

— The current declassification can act?

— Assist — is unlikely. It's faster means that a movement in the direction of opening.

From the file:

In the Katyn executions ruled most eminent Stalinist butcher — Vasily Blokhin. Just right to make it into the book of Guinness World Records as the executioner-champion — always for their own activities from 1926 to 1953 (before retirement), he personally shot about 20 thousand people. Two other executioner-medalist Maggi and Nadaraia behind the Blokhin by a wide margin — approximately 10 thousand for each shot.

In the Katyn Blokhin personally shot about 700 Poles.

In 1991, during an interrogation in the General Military Prosecutor's Office of the USSR there was such a dialogue between one of the members of the firing squad and the investigator.

Yablokov (investigator)

-If I correctly guessed the Polish prisoners of war shot of "Walter". Yes?


-From "Walter. This I know very well, because they have brought a suitcase. Blokhin was run by itself. He gave the guns, and when the work ended pistols were selected. Blokhin took away himself.

Buried Vasily Blokhin, with the rank of major general in 1954, at the Novodevichy Cemetery. There, in the place of honor, are buried, and other Stalinist butchers (including medalist Maggi).

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