Medvedev awarded a Hero of Russian Federation test pilot of dry Colonel Sergei Bogdan

President Dmitry Medvedev presented today at the Kremlin honored test pilot of the Russian Federation, Colonel Sergei Bogdan Star of Hero of Russian Federation. This is korr.ARMS-Tass was told in the press service of the company "Sukhoi".

Higher State Merit C.Bogdan honored for his contribution to the design, creation, creation of special equipment and many years of honest work. He participated in the testing of many aircraft "Su". Namely, it was he who for the first time flew the functional promising fighter Su-35 and a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA), also recognized as a fighter of the 5th generation. S.Bogdan also conducts flight tests of these aircraft.

Col. S.Bogdan conducted tests of the Su-27, Su-30MKK, Sou-25TM, MiG-29S, target drones M-21M and M-29. Did the test planting and Su-25UTG Sou-33 on the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", including during combat service in the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea. He was awarded the Order of Courage.

Since 2000 — pilot-Sukhoi test.

He participated and continues to participate in tests of the Su-24M2 and Su-25SM, Su-27M, Su-27SM, Su-30KN, Su-30MK2, Su-30MKI, Su-30MKA, Su-30MKM and Su-27KUB, Su-35UB, Su-47 ("Golden Eagle"). Did demonstration flights of the Su-30MK2 (MAX — 2001, 2003, 2005), the Su-27SKM (Le Bourget — 2005), the Su-30MK2 (Algeria, Libya, Venezuela — 2006). He mastered 55 types and modifications of aircraft. Lifted into the sky first production Su-30MKI (2002).

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