Medvedev in its internal and external policy embodies the worst moments of the times Perestroika

Hard to find in the modern history of, more hated by ordinary people (those who do not have "steamers and plants") figures than the first president Russia — Yeltsin, Chubais and Mikhail Gorbachev. These figures embody within themselves the Age of Destruction.

And now the Russian president seems deliberately or foolishly, ready to write his name in the Legion of destroyers.

Domestic policy

— Renaming the police to the police, as if from law enforcement agencies will work better. Here ways to assist Beria — "cleaning" the Interior Ministry, with bolshennymi terms for corruption and the confiscation of the property of all family members, if they fail to prove that his honestly earned — on "paycheck bought." By this action, he "spat" on veterans and residents occupied territories, who still remember the "policemen".

— "Reform" or rather Denying residues Russian education system — how Fursenko and his predecessors resemble Nazi plans.

— Presentation by the President of the Russian Soviet President Gorbachev Misha Order of St. Andrew the First-Called. Gorbachev — This person should be responsible for criminal charges for "high treason" and award him.

— Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Yekaterinburg took part in the opening of the monument to the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who on February 1 would be 80 years. In other words, Medvedev tosses challenge to the overwhelming majority of the people of Russia, because in all the polls he can not stand, or at least thinks a drunk fool and a big part of it.

— Military reform, which naturally ripened and even overripe, but we litsezreem — number (in the criteria for continuous growth outside of the danger) of the armed forces is reduced, there is an old recycling equipment and ammunition (although a number of professionals they say that the technique can be saved to arm Division 2 — second, the third line if staffing will be cut down, and the militia, and ammunition to use — giving "shoot" military personnel who come from the army postrelyav several times). A lot of issues with the rearmament — brand new technology comes in single copies. Ships and submarines are built with a long delay.

— Juvenile justice system is being introduced (for example, a number of Western countries, such as France, where the kids are taken from their parents and ancestors tyschami can not even slap raspoyasovsheesya wee), these steps are applied to two attacks on the family — ancestors converted to the disenfranchised "Educators of life" (in a number of European countries and in the U.S. is not even the word "Mom and Dad" banned), kids get more "free", ie, it will be easier to break down, even their word no one odernet. Institute family which is the backbone of the country will be completely "blown up."

— The liberalization of the Criminal Code, on 68 kinds of crimes short time reduced to 2 months in prison. For example: in the "liberalization" of the Criminal Code, will, for example, be allowed imprisonment for two months for grievous bodily harm with fatal ending. Killer rather to clarify that he did not want to kill anybody, but simply inflicted injuries, and if the victim died from these injuries — well here do not lucky man. The list and commodity smuggling, she's not a criminal crime. In the main presidential amendments will affect economic items — such as fraud (Article 159) or "theft of items of extraordinary value" (Article 164). In the first case, the defendant could get the lower limit of 2 years, in the 2nd — generally 6 or 8 years old. Now, in both cases, even if part of the crime the defendant may be justified — the referee can look completely presupposition for such solutions (eg illness) Full text of the amendments:

— Council for Development of civilian society and Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation issued a "Proposal on the establishment of a nationwide public-public applets" to commemorate the victims of the totalitarian regime and state reconciliation. "Their Human Rights Council under the President of the USSR admitted responsibility for the genocide and the Second world war. other words, all of us, "signed" to repent — not enough Russian thrashed and cut in the 20th century, we are now equated to the Third Reich.

And there are signs you can "dig" is not a single book — MIC, agriculture, privatization of strategic companies, the closure of schools in rural areas, a complete degradation of Medicine, the actual liquidation of military medicine orgy etnokriminala, unacknowledged war in the North Caucasus, etc.

Outside politics

— Moscow hung Katyn tragedy for Russia, the Poles can now seek compensation, even though God's Providence and brought about changes — a plane crash of the Polish elite.

— Clearly not "cut off" all claims of the Land of the Rising Sun.

— Retraction of the Russian Federation to the WTO, which will strike and so "moribund" industry and agriculture.

— Nonsense on Libya, Libya — beginning of the Great War — a war of the North and the South, Serbia, 1914. Western coalition practically threw her mask and said that vorachivaetsya time of complete domination without illusion of "democracy." What makes Medvedev? He practically have "written" in the Western camp, instead of the clear position of non-interference in the internal affairs of the country, which has the full right military revolt and push their own separatists.

Now we can expect that our homeland to join NATO, the signals are clear. It will be a "pipe" a complete and hopeless. Russia will wage a war for London and Washington.

Apparently, Medvedev focused on the development of Institute of Contemporary Development (Institute of Contemporary Development). The first report of the Institute: "Democracy: Russian model of development" was prepared in 2008 and was presented along with Medvedev's message, to which the newly elected successor to Putin for the first time addressed the Federal Assembly. Conceptually, both of which almost all the same. Next 2009 year in almost all research activities Institute of Contemporary Development recently added the word "modernization." And on October 10, Medvedev published his article "Our homeland, forward!" In 2010, the Institute of Contemporary Development unveiled a futuristic actually report "Our homeland XXI Century: Vision for the future want," in which he designed the image, which country can gain in the period after 2050. Not so long ago presented a report — "Finding the future. Strategy 2012. Synopsis ". The Institute offers a "reset democracy" in 120 steps, which are limited to so-called. Putin's "vertical of power". Institute of Contemporary Development offers: reduced to 5% threshold for parties in the parliament, "restoration of the right of parties to create electoral blocs," "return to direct elections of governors," abolition "of the actual censorship on federal television channels", "cancellation of informal bans independent of the Kremlin's financial supporting parties, "" the elimination of the administrative judicial hierarchy "and even" fair elections ". In other words, return the "democracy" 90s. Liberoidov standard — the largest non-interference in the affairs of government and the people of the free people of intervention in the affairs of government.

— Offer to disband the Federal Security Service, whic
h must take place "Federal Service for Protection of the Constitution," to fight not with generous members of the opposition, but only with the evil "Russian extremists".

— In the field of public administration, according to the views of the creators, is necessary to accelerate the creation of electrical government.

-Prohibit the promotion of Stalinism.

— Providing greater freedom to regional business and government, that is, remember EBN-a — "take sovereignty as you can swallow" and what it led to that same time not disentangle.

— In foreign policy — WTO accession to NATO (said about the desirability of a military role in NATO operations).

— Demilitarization of all agencies, transferring the army on a voluntary basis, the reduction of the armed forces to 0.5 million people.

— Elimination of the Interior Ministry (which it does). The main successor to the Interior Ministry will be Federal criminal police (FPCS), which is struggling with criminal violence. City police given to local governments. "The functions of the traffic police have long been liquidated split between the regional police, city police and civilian service traffic control technical condition of vehicles engaged, the issuance of the rights and methodical maintenance of traffic." Internal State Guard troops will be subordinate to the president directly.

What will the "Restructuring -2" to explain, for sure, is not necessary. Pretty open a new history textbook. Russia plans to dismember and decide exactly "Russian question".

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