Medvedev — lame duck or agent of South American influence?

In the near future the figure of the Prime — Minister Dmitry Medvedev is very close attention not only as a likely successor to Russian President Vladimir Putin in case of an adverse final of his illness, and as a representative of the clan, is in opposition VV Putin. There is a 2-demarcation of political groups other than his sights on the future development of, the place of today's elite in the leadership of the state and the attitude to the United States, as a supranational structure of world geopolitics. Conventional division on a clan of Putin and Medvedev, nevertheless, with a jeweler's precision expresses the activity of these political clans in the strategic influence on Russian politics and economics. Here fundamentally divide 2-player teams, because the awareness of where it the one or the other bureaucrat, banker or an oligarch, makes it possible to predict the moves of these elites to establish his power vertical. Why is this principle? Do not just know the composition of the clans, but the degree of responsibility for making strategic decisions that the good of the country or, on the contrary, worsening the situation of our people, the sovereignty of the country and its economy.

In the last couple of years it has become commonplace for all his failures incriminate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who, of course, is responsible for a number of decisions in the political and economic sphere, it influenced the subsequent fate of Russia and the Russian people. But why no one blames Medvedev not only in major miscalculations, and in direct sabotage in the exercise of the functions of the President and the Prime — Minister? The answer is quite trivial: the media made a certain image, which is located in the shadow of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, is not able to make their own decisions, indecisive, is only interested in the South American devaysami and very razlyubezen with U.S. President Barack Obama, who is ready to meet with even an ordinary eatery fast — food. The same media that is allegedly a member of the political council of the party "United Russia" E.Fedorova controlled by the United States, have turned everything upside down, putting the responsibility on the reform of the army, joining the WTO, the failure of the Libyan policy, privatization of strategic state property, minimizing the Russian aircraft and almost everything else on Vladimir Putin. But is it fair?

His career Medvedev, forever adhering to the nickname "ayfonchik" began in St. — Petersburg, where, after graduating from law school at Leningrad State University and graduate school, he taught right up to 1999, when he became deputy manager of the Government. Enchanting career, from teacher and counselor A. Sobchak, a professional outside of the Committee on Relations City Hall, almost a lawyer on the design of contracts and different transactions, to deputy Dmitry Kozak. With all this good Dmitry Medvedev joined with teaching and working as a lawyer, to the same business activity: CJSC "Fintsell" the company "Ilim Pulp Interprise", JSC "Consulting company" Balfort ", and membership in the Board of Directors' Bratsk Timber complex ". When he had time? But the main question is another: how could ordinary lawyer mayor of St. — Petersburg, co-founder of several organizations in an instant to be on the principle office in Moscow? It creates a huge impression that the one who made a bet on the unknown Vladimir Putin, whose enchanting career also raises many questions, as opposed to his agent put the South American influence Medvedev.

Deputy Governor of the seat of the Government, Medvedev gets into the presidential pool, and not just one of many, and manage campaign staff Putin to guarantee an electoral victory by deputy manager of the Presidential Administration, who has now been appointed Almighty Voloshin — a member of the Yeltsin family. No need illusions about family — all of its members have been and continue to be agents of the South American influence, and are included in the policy of containment of the sovereign Russian Federation, which should not go out — under the control of the U.S. State Department. It is curious that the campaign headquarters was located in the Center for Strategic research Gref, which some political analysts incorrectly attributed to the clan VVFishing season, but all the activities of this "true friend" under the dictates of Henry Kissinger with another "godfather" of the Russian intelligence Primakov, a kind of "looking" from the European Union and the United States in Russia. This hands Primakov were fostered chicks nest Gaidar, Chubais painstakingly nurtured, Kudrin and other hawks geopolitics of the United States.

Apart from the shadows Voloshin, DAMedvedev were given and other signs of South American differences, it's own right to the presidency in 2008 led constantly JSC "Gazprom", again incorrectly referred to as "Putin". Immediately this Medvedev took charge of the national projects, including the demographic issues. What came out of this "oversee" all clear! And it has happened apotheosis — Medvedev became president of the country majestically Our homeland could talk on equal terms with the powerful of this world, his word and obey gaze millions of Russian people. (Note campaign team headed by Medvedev Sergei Sobyanin.) Cheers, U.S. victory after an eight-year balance of 2-clan! But winning it? In contrast, the weakening of U.S. hegemony, the clan of Putin began to gain political influence and have an increasing pressure on south american regime in Russia. The Ministry of Defence had to give, at the same time to say goodbye to VEB and Sberbank, but in response to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took the JSC "Gazprom", the defense industry and tried to pull the "Mechel". But the most basic response "Americans" in Russia was the war with Georgia 08.08.2008, which was not expected none of the South American pool at this time to relax in the friendly atmosphere of the Chinese Summer Olympics. Our homeland, instead of going to South Ossetia at the mercy of the favorite, given not just a rebuff to the aggressors, demonstrating the strength of the Russian weapons and Russian Spirit, but together with Saakashvili chewing his own tie on the air, scared the whole world.

Began not just an attack on the media VVFishing season, and the incessant barking of politicians and political scientists, heads of state and government who have demonstrated their complete dependence on the U.S. State Department. Non oil fell from $ 146 per barrel to $ 47, a few weeks from Russia exported 21 billion dollars, the RTS index fell by 19%, and on the English Exchange Russian "blue chips" have lost almost 50%. Was the war in Georgia cover for world money Khanate, hit the world economy just a month and get a result similar actions breather for a couple of years in the United States? Certainly, political strategists Wall — Street artfully had the chance to enjoy the sound of the Georgian war increment issue and return the U.S. dollar lost ground, including in Europe. In his article in The Moscow Times September 3, 2008 A.Aslund writes:
August 8 stands out as the fatal day for Russia. It marks the biggest mistake of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Putin makes Russia a gangster government.

Economist D.Shelton September 3, 2008 in the Wall Street Journal:
Putin will have to learn one thing from time to time, the invisible hand of the market Strikes Back.

Feature Article: The Financial Times on September 18, 2008:
The war in Georgia for many was the last straw. Fear of the whimsical and capricious behavior of the Kremlin resulted in an exodus of inves
tors from the country. Additional negative factor was the general instability of the global stock markets and the fall in oil prices, which determine the financial health of.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, September 18, 2008:
Invasion of the Russian Federation in Georgia will not have gained, and will not reach any long-term strategic goals. The United States and Europe must stand against this kind of behavior, and to everyone who encourages him.

What is the conclusion made by President Dmitry Medvedev of unprecedented pressure on the U.S. administration to Russia? Already 15 September 2008 adopted the concept of modernization of Russian army, and a protege of Anatoly Serdyukov United States began to establish military forces instead of frisky response copied from NATO and the United States. Instead of the usual method of fighting and the formation of the Russian Army, was adopted standard operational command — brigade, where the main burden falls on junior officers and sergeants. In the end, what are locked military schools, reduced the number of soldiers and officers, was introduced 'creative form "from designer ladies' dresses V.Yudashkina. The second campaign against the Russian state company became "de-Stalinization" of Russian society, which is bogged down safely in their own filth. The third large-scale betrayal of Russian interests was a contract on the reduction of strategic offensive arms, which strengthened the leadership of the U.S. and Russia weakened, but by the views of Medvedev: "The signing of the contract has strengthened not only the security of the Russian Federation and the United States, and the security of the entire world community." As a safety RF mixed with the security of the whole world understood only DA Medvedev, for the thinking man, these concepts do not mix and do not intersect.

Directly behind the elimination of the Department of the Interior Ministry to combat organized crime, Medvedev embarked on a modernization of the Ministry of the Interior, whose managing director R. Nurgaliev, as well as the president who enjoys yoga, did not hesitate to show some exercises at the meeting the High Command of Internal Affairs . So the police began to police, just lost the trust of citizens and losing the best professionals in search and investigation, some of which find their place in the "Putin's" RF IC.

The development of the economic crisis, the beginning of which was cleverly hidden behind the Georgian events prompted Medvedev to release nearly a trillion rubles to increase the capitalization of banks. Not to support the real sector of the economy, and the development of people's credit and trading companies, in other words to increase the profits of the banking network of. In turn, Vnesheconombank secured loan companies factory uses their shares, which will inevitably end up in supplies of foreign banks and transnational corporations. So still not privatized strategic enterprises are foreign owned, thereby reducing the working staff and often closing the very creation. And all this redistribution of Russian supplies is Dmitry Medvedev as a boon to our economy and the preservation of gold — cash reserves, as inexorably cares another agent of South American influence in Russia — Kudrin. At this time, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin begins recovery program from the MIC, increasing funding from the budget, paying for the modernization of existing weapons and creating new standards. Immediately comes screaming out of the U.S. State Department, in an editorial in the Financial Times March 7, 2009:
The world wants to know whether Vladimir Putin longs to be as unpredictable and irrational shapes, or is he — an adult who is truly committed to tackling the huge prepyadstviya world.

Which dilemmas of the world they say, "looking from London?" On the dilemmas of U.S. colonization of the Russian Federation — the UK? But without looking at it, not reacting to calls Kudrin reduce funding for the MIC, Vladimir Putin continues to invest in the Russian defense industry and the promising development. Why did he do it? Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his cronies from the KGB — FSB, analyzing global trends and the vectors of their own business, which consists of "Gazprom" and "Rosneft", came to the conclusion that the Russian Federation is not in their future. As the need to strengthen the army (this Serdyukov was succeeded by Sergei Shoigu), their political power (to do this you need to assign E.Fedorova head of the Popular Front and throw through proamerikanizirovan "United Russia) and replace Medvedev as prime — minister. In the unlikely event not be able to nationalize the Central Bank of Russian Federation. And these are the main steps to achieve the sovereignty of the Russian Federation, because in whose hands the financial system in the wrong hands, and political.

In the end, after the show, played out on the public trusting A. Kudrin and Medvedev, "unyielding" Minister of money is gone, but do not run away from the country, while continuing to fund the "swamp the opposition" and their mouthpiece — TV channel "Rain", also do their duties in the Supervisory Board of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, at the same time keeping an eye on the activities in the camp of opponents — Clan Vladimir Putin. It is interesting to look at how the price of oil was dependent on political decisions in Russia:

— Before the war in Georgia, the cost of 1 barrel of oil of $ 146,

— At the end of the five-day war, $ 47,

— The intrigue before the announcement of the presidential candidate $ 111

— The Congress of "United RF"Vladimir Putin's nomination and $ 73

— Protests "swamp opposition" $ 102

— Vladimir Putin's inauguration $ 91

— Formation Medvedev own cabinet ministers and sabotaging instructions of President Vladimir Putin's $ 112

So, at least some rotation Russian policy towards its sovereignty causes a drop in oil prices, capital flight, Russian lending industry for its assets in foreign banks, increasing protest activity of the media and agents of South American influence. The turn toward the ideological sabotage the U.S. State Department is characterized by increased oil prices, the influx of petrodollars into the Russian economy (only in the past year, our compatriots have acquired 3,000,000 cars), decline of dissent and performances "swamp the opposition." So Makarov, Vladimir Putin instigated the company to get the country out of the U.S. dependence will inevitably lead to a decrease in the price of oil, stop or complete closure of industrial companies controlled by transnational corporations, which reduce emissions of the ruble, which will cause shortage of liquidity in banks and retail. Excellent is either bad, good or evil?

From the perspective of a wimp, consuming goods and credit management, receiving almost two thousand bucks for unproductive work Russian sovereignty — is undeniable evil. Just thinks and Medvedev, calling to reduce the country's share in the economy, leaving only the function of a night guard capital. But this is the way leading our country to disaster, because no one knows how to stop the use of the crisis, the crisis of bad debts, the crisis of the progressive development of the economy. Walking into the mainstream of American politics, squandering what little is left behind written on paper and euro bucks, you can wake up in another country, which consists of a separate principality, leading civil wars. The Arab Spring is knocking at our door and we can not remain deaf and blind, shutting his ears and eyes tight bundle of money, tomorrow they will not like to have their prospects again. Only a sovereign economy and politics can keep Russia and the Russian people from
the separation of the final liquidation. Individualist society has never produced the idea of the existence of the state of the country, its unity for the sake of its own existence forthcoming.

Pretty look, what reincarnated European Union countries, the United States itself, to realize that their way close to the end, their morality has given way to laxity and irresponsibility, they live an old achievements, and their infrastructure will soon come in of strongest decline. The world is becoming nomadic society who do not have no family, no home, no country, turning into animals, in which only one goal — the bread and the kind of pleasure and idleness. Experience the fall of the Roman large, and right behind it, and Byzantine empires, and no one taught nothing. Means, teach war and famine, poverty and devastation! Stop the Russian people neuzh something we want to afford one of the future, neuzh something our kids have to breathe from hunger and bloody wars? No, do not be! But knowing and being aware of this perdition way for Russia and our people, we have to make a choice, not between the leaders of the country, and between sovereignty and colonization, freedom and dependence on the U.S. State Department.

Yes, independence in the early stages will decrease income families, the need to work in manufacturing and in the fields, and not in the comfort of his office. But the "smoke of the Fatherland us sweet and pleasant", these lines should GRDerzhavin forever imprinted in the heart of every Russian man, because we have no other country, no other people, but we all have a responsibility for the fate of Russia. When the ill-fated fall ill or our kids, it's a pain in the heart reflects the father or mother. Now we have the ill-fated — kids of, we are stealing the soul of the Russian people, the soul of the creator and the creator of their own country. So why can not we say tough, "Keep your hands off of, embezzlers and traitors, agents of the South American influence and corrupt the media, we are the creators of their own destiny, their own country and their own people!"

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