Medvedev on Facebook stormed — suspected Syrian Avengers

In social. the Facebook pages of some Russian users, among whom and president Dmitry Medvedev, were on Tuesday spam attack. Presumably, this blow was struck from the Syrian accounts, RIA "Announcements".

Some nick left on the social networking pages of many similar comments on the British and Russian languages that relate to the Syrian situation. In some of them are protests against the supply of Russian weapons to Syria, others comments targeted against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Your account Russian president in the last day there was an unlimited number of comments on the Russian and Arabic. Many of them contain calls to abandon the "genocide of the Syrian people." There are also inscriptions such as "Our homeland has sold weapons to replace the humanity of the criminal regime," "If it were not for the veto RF, Kill the Syrian people would be stopped for a few months back, "" You're my brother, do not choose those whose blood on their hands. Tiranyaschie now I will tyrannize you tomorrow, "and endless" Thank you for the veto, "" Thank you, sir Medvedev, "" Thank you, sir Putin, "provides examples of messages the newspaper" Novye Izvestia ".

According to the publication, the freshest Syrian comments appeared not only in the discussion of recent developments Profile, and "augmented" an old recording, such as a New Year's appeal of the president and congratulations on Christmas. In the social network attack has also undergone Official Page RF, the resources of some large Russian media.

Earlier, on January 30, on Mon, stormed the embassy website RF in India. Presumably, the attack was committed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's opponents, but a cyber attack has been successfully recorded.

In Syria, for 10 months, starting in March 2011, lasting anti-government protests. Every day there are reports about the dead — as in the middle of uniformed services personnel and civilians in the middle. The total number of victims in Syria, according to the UN, has exceeded 5,000 people. The country's authorities say the clashes have killed more than 2,000 law enforcement officers and military personnel in Syria. Against them are well armed and trained fighters.

China and Our homeland 5 October 2011 blocked the UN Security Council resolution on Syria. Countries enjoy the right of veto. This resolution calls for sanctions if the Syrian authorities for 30 days did not finish the action by force against demonstrators.

In November 2011, Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs RF, opposed the embargo on weapons to Syria. From RF In December last year, Syria has received "Bastion" — coastal anti-ship complex, and in January 2012 the Yak-130 — training and combat aircraft.

January 30 Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that the Russian Federation does not see problems in the supply of weapons to Syria.

Naikrupneyshaya world social. network Facebook, the number of registered users in which exceeds 800 million people, many times used to express protest. So, for example, specifically the social network first credited role of the "Arab Spring" — a series of revolutions that took place in the Arab countries.

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