Medvedev — President of the Russian Federation without a strategy

President Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in May 18 at the Metropolitan School of Management "Skolkovo", which is formed on the basis of Innovative center "Skolkovo", his first three years of his presidency a huge press conference for Russian and foreign journalists. As has long been accepted in Russia 'sick' questions no one asked the president — was not asked about his attitude to the "All-Russia People's Front," Putin, a little fucking state of health of the people; damn about the status of the entire infrastructure of the country — from roads to power, about practically "Hitler" reforms in education, medicine, and more.

A huge part of the more than two-hour show Dmitry Medvedev engaged verbiage, even on these issues, he did not give any 1st clear and explicit answer. Does not meet the expectations of the press and political analysts that Medvedev finally tell about his nomination for the second term. The only thing that was said with certainty — president and prime right to put forward their nominations will not be. Completely ordinary words came about unity tandem: "We really like-minded with him, no matter what read as on the subject."

As usual were told unsubstantiated word of "modernization," Modernization — an important direction of development of our country, and, in my opinion, this should lead to high-quality change in the situation in the country. " Where outweighed those words would have sounded, if for the first time Medvedev has launched several real-world programs, the standard Russian Union or China: for example, launched a program from lunar real terms, financing, liability (including criminal) control project completed program from 100% to ensure housing officers, promise since the days of Boris Yeltsin, would make a real example program to restore the strength and growth of the Russian people and other indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation, and so on.

On foreign policy RF: Medvedev assured reporters that Moscow would not support the resolution on Libya's type, namely with regard to Syria. In addition, once again assured the continuation of the policy of integration into the European security — the creation of a common European defense.

Medvedev "Bragged" to its success: during the financial crisis and rising unemployment could keep control and even "protect" themselves during the attack of Georgia in 2008.

Judging from previous events: the announcement of the development of the "Popular Front", Mironov's resignation from the post of Chairman of the Federation Council, the response delay of the subsequent period — Medvedev may not be a candidate. Although the "loophole" he has — he said that it may nominate a political party, because the "Fair Russia" is now in opposition, it could only be a "United Russia". It has been said about the government's ability rotation: "The president has a certain ability to form a government. And for his resignation. I do not turn away from them. Here ".

The result of this session: in the Russian Federation as before there is no long-term development strategy, plan, programs, objectives. Medvedev, instead of being controlled, the "leader" of civilization, busy generation of "signals" empty hopes and expectations. The government is increasingly freed from the responsibility, he says, people "Himself" should take care about themselves. And what do we need such power? …

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