Medvedev raised the foreign exchange allowance of military

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed the law to increase the exchange of servicemen in the 2.5-3 and military pensions 1.5-1.7 times.

"I have called you in order to inform about the fundamental event: I just signed law on foreign exchange allowances for military personnel and provide them with separate payments, one law, we've worked with you in the past few years, "- said Medvedev at a meeting with the role of the head of the Defense Ministry, RIA" Novosti ".

"It allows you to ensure that the exchange of servicemen of the labor costs of a brand new level. You understand that from January 1, 2012 currency allowance military personnel in accordance with this law, increasing at an average of 2.5-3 times the size of military pensions for the elderly — by 1.5 times or even 1.7 times, "- said the president.

He noted that under the military post currency allowance can be increased substantially independent of Prof. readiness of servicemen, their integrity, and the importance and difficulty of tasks.

So Makar, on the views of the President, the military appeared very harsh incentive perfectly perform their duties and improve training.

# {Weapon} «For the special conditions of service for the environmental features of the area, where the service for the degree of risk to health, life, and will be paid additional compensation" — also said Medvedev.

According to the law, for the military will be a removal of monetary allowance to the level of the average wage in the country. For example, currency allowance Lieutenant of the Armed Forces will be 50 rubles (currently average — 19 thousand rubles).

Significantly increase kazhdomesyachnye allowances for class qualification — from 10% to 30%.

Allowances should be established for the special conditions of military service and the tasks associated with the risk to life and limb. Premiums for a fair and efficient performance of official obligations may amount to up to 3 salaries.

You also have the yearly indexation of salaries and pensions of military personnel seniors who 1 January 2012 will be increased by an average of 1.6 times.

The implication is that the scoring system of military pensions remains constant — 50% in 20 years of service plus 3% for each additional year length of service, but less than 85%.

With all this at the expense of salary increase from January 2012 will significant increase in military pensions. Already in 2012, the average pension will increase by 60%, the average size of about 17 thousand rubles.

The same mechanism predicts growth of pensions twice year. Starting from 1 January 2013 annual military pensions will grow even in an average of 4%. With all of this yearly indexation to inflation persist.

Will also increase the amount of compensation for damage to the life and health of military personnel, one-off payment to families of deceased will be 3 million.

Immediately introduce kazhdomesyachnye payments to servicemen injured and the families of dead soldiers, which previously was not.

As reported by the newspaper's gaze, military reform and the reform of the MIC value for the top left control of the country. In the coming years, our homeland will increase waste on the army, while not at the level of "banana republic" and "it is the Russian Federation." These costs will be "the supreme value of the state", said President Dmitry Medvedev in September 2011.

How to read the newspaper gaze deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense United Russia Igor Barinov, the army needs to be improved and spare no funds for this, so as an external "threat may appear at any moment." "We are very huge and very rich in natural resources and all the rest, to allow yourself to save on defense", — explained the master.

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