Medvedev shall be removed from the model of state capitalism

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the opening of the St. Petersburg international economic forum, made a speech in which he gave assess the present state of the economy and the main objectives referred to its modernization. One of the most noticeable Tue his speech was the failure of the so-called. "State capitalism."

This is the XV International Economic Forum which devoted to the dilemmas of the world economy. According to the views of Dmitry Medvedev, the country is headed for the past 20 years, tremendous progress in its development, so if Russian Union shred personal sector was close to zero, then the current time it is over 60%. Municipal same duty which exceeded annual GDP in half, at the current time was reduced to almost 10%. However, the corporate debt president said. As usual, the head of the country lying about inflation, which, in his words, "fully replaced moderate growth in prices." Although citizens of the Russian Federation, which are in the grocery stores every day, obviously can correct it, but just who will give them the word. According to him, the real consumption has doubled the Russian people, although, according to Rossstata, about three-quarters of the population of the Russian Federation — is a poor or needy citizens.

Too hard to realize that in the mind of the Russian president, when he says: "You can enumerate a lot of hard, always a pleasure to talk about what made. The main thing, I think of one thing: we turn and system — to the best of course — were moving forward. " Where forward? For some reason does not say how many thousands of villages, schools, kindergartens, libraries, art houses, factories, agriculture companies, etc., destroyed. How many millions of people brought in by the grave socio-economic genocide. How many full-length billion rubles looted. Moscow even homelessness, which is the current time at the level of homelessness after the war, civilian clothes and with great Russian war, can not overcome. Or does not want to?

According to the views of Medvedev, "Russia has maintained and even strengthened its leadership" in the field of space, although it is well known that the current Russian space — a legacy of the USSR and no new projects there. The same GLONASS — the first satellite of the Soviet system was launched into orbit on 12 October 1982. Leadership in the field of nuclear construction has also been created in the USSR, it is surprising, as it is not lost — probably due to the profitability of the industry.

Or the phrase, "We started to spread best practices across the country." Here president, probably had in mind the practice of lying. Because the "scribbling" simply drowned the country, all make portfolios, projects, and so on, creating the appearance of feverish activity, although country as degraded and degraded.

More important messages

— According to the views of the President, Our homeland is ready to join the World Trading Company later this year. Although many experts believe that Russia does not need to engage in this business — it will be a severe blow to the economy as weakened our country.

— "I should like to state here as clearly as possible, we do not build municipal capitalism" for the people of the Russian Federation is the message will not be particularly fun if decrypt it. This means that Russia is waiting for the "privatization-2", the companies that remained in the hands of the country will be transferred to private hands. Medvedev said that today's privatization plans are very reasonable, they will be expanded, government get rid of the control and even blocking stakes. The government even suspended from the people of solving problems, it's become their its task. As with all this sovereign president is going to do here these requests, it is not clear: "The government must also make such a system of social protection and public services that encourage Russian families to increase the number of kids to a healthy lifestyle, on a continuous basis, in the end — to a long and fruitful work. " No system in the West can not cope with this — in fact everywhere is a decrease in the population, not counting the States, where population growth is at the expense of workers. Or is our way? The gradual replacement of indigenous peoples to international biomass. And with a healthy way of life in the West is very bad — obesity, beer drinking, increased drug abuse, an increase of the level of mental patients and other "charms" of Western civilization. And the best system of education was Russian, with such zeal that contamination break.

— In the same vein, Medvedev proposed to decentralize power, increasing the capacity of urban authorities.

— Medvedev has decided to continue the policy of Kudrin and the "store," as he called the "easy money", shown in Russia because of rising raw material costs, saving them. Although it is clear that the money available to invest in the development of their "accumulation", is also not in our system, may lead to a momentary extinction.

— Medvedev announced the future development of the "metropolitan federal district." It is "the development of the capital of the federal neighborhood goes beyond the classic boundaries of Moscow, and with the transfer of these boundaries significant bit of the administrative functions of the federal level and, therefore, local government agencies." A Moscow itself reincarnated in International Finance Centre (IFC).

However, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin said that it is a transfer of a number of federal agencies for the hell of Moscow, not the merger of Moscow and the Moscow region. Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich said that the boundaries of the town will lead a large part of government agencies.

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