Medvedev: The lieutenant should receive 50,000

Speaking yesterday to the participants gather commanders of the Armed Forces, the occasion of the infantry tactical training at Europe's largest military training ground "Gorokhovetsky" in the Nizhny Novgorod region, President Dmitry Medvedev once again voiced its position on the main directions of military reform.

The President reiterated his intention to begin early next year to reform the real allowances for military personnel. As Supreme Commander assured the representatives of the commander's body, resulting in the base currency composition of Russian military will have three times the Age. And at first it will affect the level of pay of officers.

"Here we have agreed that the lieutenant should receive 50,000. It will be the money receive, even despite the fact that we have a problem with the financing of a number of municipal programs, so how else we can not do an efficient army. And what we had army, We all know very well, "- stated the President.


On maneuvers at the site "Gorokhovetsky" involved around 1,000 troops and more than 100 pieces of weapons and military equipment. As part of the maneuvers, followed by the commander in chief himself, the military showed the ability of anti-aircraft gun-missile system 2S6 "Tunguska", as the work of troop-carrying helicopters Mi-8MTs and combat helicopters Mi-28N, created for the destruction of armored vehicles.

Dmitry Medvedev with all this, stressed that the question is not about the fragmentary, but a complete change of currency allowances. In addition, he said, the current system is being revised pensions of people who have been dismissed from military service members and their families.

The President also assured that the total amount of state financing of the defense sphere will be saved, despite the economic crisis and the growing budget deficit. "Starting from this year and 2020 the yearly funding of national defense will remain at 2.8% of GDP," — Dmitry Medvedev highlighted

According to the Supreme Commander, "a high level of cash collateral will allow the army to free the military from their uncharacteristic economic functions that have long been made in the armies of other countries." According to Medvedev, "the troops should focus only on operational training and combat training. And all the responsibilities for security, cleaning, household maintenance, manufacturing of food in canteens should be transferred to civilian organizations. "

In the process of communication with the aircraft commander's body Dmitry Medvedev again drew the attention of those on the main purpose of the military reform started by the authorities — to make the armed forces' compact and efficient, Fully modern weapons and equipment. "

The country's plans in regard to military reform commented chief editor of the magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko:

— As for the reform of the currency allowances, in previous years it was discussed a lot, but not much was done. Although it should be noted some progress since the adoption of the order number 400. But he foresaw that in parts there are those who receive an overvalued exchange allowances, and next (in the same or a company of the battalion) were people who did not receive such allowances. It is clear that this state of affairs demotivate them to the normal execution of its commitments (under the principle of "you get an exaggerated allowance — You and run first on the attack ").

At the same time refers to the fact that in 2012 Lt. should receive 50,000 rubles. per month, with guaranteed: this should be the base rate. Accordingly, the brigade commander (Col.) — 150 000 rubles. for the month. At present there is a "bodanie" between the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Finance, as the latter finds itself inflated level. In order to not only honors the service, but a serving officer (of course, that Radzivil performs duties) receive sufficient allowances by the views of the Defense Ministry, the number should be around like that. In this case, many prepyadstviya associated with the motivation of the people will be solved by themselves.

I repeat: there is a question of the officer corps. Since the calculations to a contract army sergeants and, of course, are not bad, but practice shows that with regard to the conditions of Russia and the Russian Army officer specifically bear the brunt of the work with the units. The officer corps of the army cements. Because you need to go to the level of real contentment, which in principle corresponds to the average.

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