Medvedev told what will not be on the 2012 election

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin will not compete in the 2012 elections. This statement was made by the president in an interview published today the British newspaper The Financial Times. The meeting took place at the St. Petersburg forum, and the main topic of the interview actually was supposed to be the economy. But first question, that the journalist is not referred to the most unusual was Medvedev's plans for the future year.

His first page of the British The Financial Times interviewed than for instant theme. But stunned why, does not appear. Citations later sprawled on the global agencies, although it does not go to that will be tomorrow, or the fact that in a month. The vast majority of questions — about th March 2012 — Russian presidential election. The question is formulated as simple — if they wish to participate in their Medvedev?

"I believe that at least some manager, which occupies a position as president, simply must be willing to stand. Another question is whether he will take the decision himself or not, that decision is a certain distance from his desire "- see Medvedev.

Without waiting for clarification questions, Medvedev explains: choice he will do on the basis of people's ideas. But probing questions were still. Neil Buckley asked, for lack of clarity, will the president in the elections, has an impact on the investment. And it's bad, Medvedev said: neither the U.S. nor the UK election results can not significantly change either the exchange rate or vkladyvatelny climate. Already at first interview, it was clear that it is unlikely to do without even the 1st, according to Medvedev, a non-genuine issue.

— And if you admit that you do, and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin would be able to immediately run for president?

"You know, I think it's hard to imagine being one reason at least. Fact that we Vladimir Putin, with my co-worker and an old friend, though to a large extent represent the same political force. In this sense, the competitiveness between us can actually go to the detriment of those tasks and the objectives that we implemented last year, "- said the head of the country.

— Many people think that in the near future are growing differences between you with Vladimir Vladimirovich.

"Certainly, we are in something different now, and appreciate, for example, the methods of the merits of those or other purposes. But I think it's great that it's an advantage. Generally if all the questions look prototype, no traffic will be. But consider that between us deepened a rift, I think it is totally erroneous, "- said Medvedev.

The main frustration Medvedev calls are not the frisky pace configurations that occur in the country. And so the task for the coming years — a movement speed.

— If you have a second term, you are convinced that you can successfully carry out all the reforms that you have outlines?

"If I was President of the second time, as it allows our constitution, of course I will try to do everything to realize the goals that have been stated: to modernize our economy and modernize our society, including its political system. I'm not sure that I will succeed, but I would very much like this, I will work for that. I remember it was in the late 90s. Whatever the states at the moment is better: higher standards of living, higher wages, better guaranteed by law. Yet they still are not sufficient. Because actual rise of standards, improving the lives of our people is the most important thing that I have to do, or anyone else who will be working president, "- he saw the head of the country.

"2nd — continued Medvedev. — Our home should be a strong state that owns all the signs of municipal sovereignty, capable to defend its position in the international arena, and a responsible member of the Security Council permanent member of the Security Council, the State relied on by others, can be that of the country. Oh, and in-3, I would still want our homeland was a modern state, that it was a favorite of the growth in the broadest sense of the word. "

Bumbling bureaucracy, corruption, lack of initiative of people — it's what keeps the Russian Federation to become a successful state in which wealthy people live. In other words, a portrait of the enemy, which is opposed to the reforms, according to Medvedev, is very well known.

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