Medvedev took 6 years for the formation of a professional army

The number of troops under the contract in the Armed Forces in Russia after 6 years to reach 85 percent. This was a Thursday, April 26, President Dmitry Medvedev during an interview with reporters five television channels.
According to the president, the number of conscripts in 2018, respectively, will be reduced to 15 percent.

In December 2011, Dmitry Medvedev in his message to the Federal Assembly, said that by 2017 the number of contractors in the Russian army will reach 425 thousand man (About 65 per cent of the total number of enlisted men).

Overall strength Armed Forces personnel seeking approximately one million man. Of them of privates and sergeants at the present time have 660 thousand people. 100 thousand sergeants and privates are under contract. During 2012, as declared by Medvedev, strength contractors planned to increase to 180 thousand man.

In late March, it was reported that the Ministry of Defence is preparing amendments to the rules of recruitment into the armed forces, according to the contract which the service will be free to do the preparatory of obligatory service. The first on the newest scheme is meant to take the graduates of technical colleges and other relevant professionals in the armed forces.

At the current time wages conscript is about 2-thousand rubles. Contractors, on average, get 20 to 35 thousand rubles.

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