Medvedev took Serdyukov three day at the report on the state defense order

President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Minister of Defence in the three-day period to report on whether it would be made defense procurement for this year.
"Get familiar with the situation, if the information that defense procurement ripped off — though necessary organizational conclusions with regard to those who are responsible for it, regardless of ranks and titles — commissioned Head of State Serdyukov during a video conference on implementing past president of the orders. — If the situation is different, it is necessary to deal with those who sow panic. You know, under the law of war as there were with the alarmists — were shot. "
"To allow you to lay off, you hear me?" — Asked president Secretary of Defense who is currently in Sochi on the meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of the CIS. Serdyukov nodded.
"In three days, waiting for the report," — claimed Head of State.

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