Medvedev: We denote the only candidate himself

The meeting of the Council of the Belarusian intelligentsia in the round table with the candidates for the president of a democratic community, which is scheduled for the 3rd of August, could be the last. Leaders Council warns either be assigned to the final date for determining a single candidate, or part of Parliament with the powers of a mediator in this process.

Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos hopes that a quorum at tomorrow's meeting will be:

Vladimir Kolos

"August 3 meeting will be held. Most of the members of the Council who are in Minsk (some now on vacation), have confirmed they would attend the hearing. "

Vladimir Colas said: pull on the definition of "single" is impossible. Therefore, this round table can be decisive:

"The final date or termination of the process? I believe that the responsibility also lies with all contenders for the presidency. In principle, none of them have refused to participate in the round table. But the fact that the negotiations drag on, and the final terms have not seen a major concern. "

Presidential candidate Valery Frolov tomorrow will not come to the meeting. He urgently needs to be in Moscow, and my call found him in the suburbs of the Russian capital. Mr. Frolov, according to him, this morning, has already warned about Vladimir Kolos unable to attend the round table.

Valery Frolov

The idea of defining a single candidate by intellectuals General Frolov calls "beautiful, but unlikely due to the ambitions of applicants':

"I have the feeling that we're not going anywhere. We will unite. In addition to the two candidates. Those, I think, a step towards not do it. And the rest will be united. Unite under the strong. "

And my question is — who else but I'm glad to determine this strong? — Valery Frolov replied:

"He indicated. And, I think all the others, realizing the situation, happy to work with him. Especially as far as I know, most of applicants is so ready to work. "


The leader of the movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich said that the position of motion in this regard has already announced, and Vladimir Kolos it knows:

"We can not until such time as will be determined by a single, say that will support anyone. We are ready to support only one who has the same values with us. So we asked them to do so — let them choose "single". And if he is elected, we are ready to support him, if this man will correspond to known values — democracy, freedom, the path to Europe. And besides, he will have the resources and the strategy of this plan. "


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