Megaoruzhie — Russian caliber 535 mm self-propelled guns

Gun mount or as it is called, the active launcher rockets propelled type designed for closed circuit pipe. Work on the design of ACS begin in 1963, the OKB-9 Sverdlovsk artzavoda number 9. Managed design work F.Petrov. By the design of the ACS were also attracted Institute 1,13,24,61,125. Also participated in the development of a number of other factories and design bureaus. Sverdlovsk DB-9 for a few years could make a working model set D-80 crawler-type performance using a scale of 1:10. Layouts created initially to protect the ACS project with D-80 in MOS and Grau. The project laid the possibility of movement of the launcher on surface ships. Defended the preliminary design in May 1965. ACS rival project — project "Luna-M". ORT "Luna-M" was created as a system of impact-type division level. In 1968, the Volgograd "Barricades" enters an order for the creation of the pipe and the breech of the gun D-80. But for a number of circumstances in a few months the creation of parts of D-80 is terminated. The actual standards ACS has not been made. One hundred percent had completed the creation of the only gate to the ball guns, which had to experience at the site near the village of reddish. Not later than the revised draft is a working title of A-80C, but the creation of it did not go well, the project is not to develop a crush. The end of 1969. Design Bureau offers another project-modification. He gets the title of the work of D-80-2, the scheme of the project which was the recall mortar M-240.

— The first version of ACS — D-80. It was supposed to establish a tool for chassis ZIL-135L. Was located above the cab chassis of the rotating spetsmagazina 4 of ammunition for guns with muzzle loading side. Provided a massive gun barrel with a muzzle brake, whose efficiency was 58 percent. The breech of the gun rested on the ground baseplate (mortar type execution). Exactly the same chassis had SDA D-110K from OTP "Onega". The gun recoil mechanism was provided with a longish stroke recoil. Loading and discharge occurred with spetsustroystva. Loading the split type — was the first round, followed by expelling charge type. Guidance produced by a hydraulic device, powered by the main engine. Was also hand-drive type. The iron sight is taken from the 122-mm howitzer D-30. For the transportation of ammunition to the ACS planned to make the transport charges the car, on the same type chassis. The car was supposed to provide transportation to deliver 11 Arsova.
— Length — 12.5 meters;
— width — 3.2 m;
— height of 3.7 meters;
— speed up to 60 km / h;

— Second version of ACS — D-80S. The gun mounted on the chassis of the crawler-type MT-T. Option proposed by the Kharkov plant engineering. The gun breech-loading performance of the ACS.

— The last option ACS — D-80-2. Gun is MT-LB chassis. Gun without a massive muzzle brake fire must be applied at the bottom of the fence to the ground ACS. Recoilless cannon made by the scheme, the breech of the gate was a strong emphasis on the creation of a modern PTRC poddon.No "Point", which completely puts an end to the project 535 mm self-propelled guns.

The main features:
— crew of up to 4 people;
— desired angle for loading — (-7) — (-10) degrees;
— Barrel weight 3.3 tons;
— PU weight up to 16 tons;
— APC ammunition weighing up to 930 pounds;
— initial speed of 450 m / s;
— min / max range of implementation 5/65 km;
caliber 535 mm guns;
— length 15 caliber guns — 8 meters;
— The number of grooves 64;
— vertical angles of 70-50 degrees;
— horizontal angle of 8 degrees sectorally;
— charge weight 144 pounds;
— Warhead weight 450 pounds;
— weight of the solid rocket motor fuel to 286 pounds;
— Pressure barrel 1025 kg / sq cm;
— Estimated time of processing solid rocket motor is almost 15 seconds;
— CWE at a distance of 75 km — 550 meters;
— ammo: a bomb or solid propellant engine with APC caliber 53 mm;
— warhead: cassette, high-explosive and spetsBCh AA-22.
— effective implementation of distance 60 km.

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