MIA wants izderzhat about 5.47 billion rubles on the form for the military

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of the Russian Federation announced the search for a supplier for military uniforms odezhki for this purpose will bring about 5.47 billion rubles, of the applications should be placed in the Sun on the portal of public procurement.

According to project documents, the agency wants to acquire, namely, woolen odezhku for men and women (pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, jackets and coats) to 782 million rubles. More than 306 million rubles planned bring for the purchase of men's shirts and women's blouses, and even 654 million rubles — for the purchase of caps, berets and special working suits.

With all of this 988 million rubles means bring for the purchase of protective coats, the same amount (990 million rubles) Will focus on the purchase of more than 23 thousand winter suits for military personnel with a special title of internal service or justice, also for students of Suvorov military schools of the Interior Ministry.

The product must be made no earlier than 2012, according to the application.

Something to Wear must be placed before 30 April 2013 (the most common delivery time) on the circle base storage resources of the Interior Ministry.

Electric auction in 14 applications are scheduled for August 27 and September 3, 2012.

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