Michael Bashura held in jail in Akrestsin

The matter was brought into the society of the Soviet Militia district of Minsk. Michael Bashura their involvement in illegal activities denies.

Bashurov still held in the Minsk detention center Akrestsin Street.

"The question of release of Michael Bashura will be decided on August 9 in the second half of the day. Can hold up to 8:00 pm, but no more than that, if you do not put up against him and did not take the appropriate decision. But I hope that this will not happen" — said " freedom, "the lawyer Tamara Sidorenko.

An activist of the campaign "Tell the truth"Bashurov friends transferred to the detention center and food hygiene. In the campaign" Tell the Truth "does not rule out that the pursuit of an activist associated with the activities of their organization.


Tell the truth

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