Michael Bashura questioned

An activist of the "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura from Saturday 7 August held in prison in Akrestsin unaware of actions that could take place two years ago.

Currently Michael Bashura, who was detained in the evening on August 7, is interrogated by the Soviet police department of Minsk. Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko that protects activist, said that he could be free today 9th August under certain conditions:

"It should bring to an investigator for questioning, or have already brought. According to his wife, who spoke on Sunday with the investigator, if the charge was brought against him. If exposed accusation it would not take place without me, but I did not call. Therefore, it must now be released. In an extreme case, at 8 pm, if not sooner. Because short-term detention may be a maximum of 72 hours. "

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko it does not exclude the possibility that the pre-trial detention may continue up to 10 days, but if the grounds on which the lawyer is still unknown.

An activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael was arrested Bashura 7th August on charges of forgery and falsification of sales documents, stamps, seals and letterheads, instigated by the police of the Soviet district of Minsk. It was later revealed that Michael Bashura allegedly suspected of forging documents to obtain a loan 2 years ago.

In "Tell the truth" does not rule out that the pursuit of an activist associated with the activities of the organization. Detention Bashura spokesman commented "Tell the Truth" Julia Dranchuk:

"Of course his detention, as it was made, does not meet any standards.

Detention when the person behind the door trying to evoke almost on beer, offering a friendly conversation — it's not spelled out in any law.

Detention when the person behind the door trying to evoke almost on beer, offering a friendly conversation — it's not spelled out in any law. And when people do not spend in the form of detention — is also to transfer the case to a series of policy. "

Reporter"Michael Bashura the second time appears in such incidents. There was, I recall the story of the missing signatures, which were kept in an apartment rented Bashurov. How to explain such attention to it? "

Dranchuk"Michael drove Bashura responsible piece of work with our volunteers. But we can not say that there is an exceptional attitude security forces to him. With the same signature — was a system they seized across the country just was not used to such a huge number of signatures, as is the case with Michael Bashurov. "

Michael Bashura — fourth activist of the "Tell the Truth", which for the past several months, detaining policemen. Previously spent three days at the site of the leader of the campaign poet Nyaklyayeu and journalists Sergei Wozniak andAndrey Dmitriev. In them, as well as a few dozen activists of the "Tell the Truth" were searched, police seized computers and personal money. So far only one known case in which police returned the seized computer says Julia Dranchuk:

"One our employee returned the computer that belonged to his son. And that employee went many times to the police as a job, arguing for different offices, the computer is not related to work. Returned the child to the computer on which he plays, and learn. "

About to be released today an activist of "Tell the truth" Michael Bashura will be known later.

21:00 Michael Bashura remains in custody.


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