Mieczyslaw Mushroom: Make major step

The representatives of the Belarusian opposition appealed to the UN Security Council to consider the question at the Council level political disappearances in Belarus and an international investigation. The appeal says that human rights activists and relatives of the missing opponents of the current authorities used all the domestic, regional and international mechanisms for redress, but to no avail.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko "did not create the conditions for a reliable and impartial investigation of these cases and has bypassed international efforts to learn the truth about the fate of the missing." Independent investigation has revealed the involvement of the public in the disappearances of high officials.

The authors of the note that the cases of the disappeared Yuri Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar, Anatoly Krasovsky and Dmitry Zavadsky still are not investigated by the Belarusian authorities. And its appeal opposition and human rights activists sent to the UN Security Council, taking into account the resolution establishing the International Commission of the UN inquiry into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005 and other politically motivated killings in Lebanon. Handling is already directed the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the permanent members of the UN Security Council — China, Russia, Britain, France and the United States. According to Chairman of the BPF Alexei Yanukevich, will be interesting to see the reaction of Russia. And if the Russian side will support the conduct of the investigation, it will not harm the national interests of Belarus. On the hopes of the Security Council Yanukevich said:

"Not that it was a great hope for the Security Council, but at least there was a precedent. And if the Security Council has considered this question, and if a new wave of public attention to the matter raised in connection with the screening of "The Godfather" on the Russian channels, we have to try and attract new institutions to investigate politically motivated disappearances in Belarus. And once again draw the attention of the international community on this issue. "

The former chairman of the Supreme Council, a retired police general Mieczyslaw Mushroom, who also signed an appeal to the UN Security Council, said that the investigative authorities in Belarus, "do not allow freedom of action to bring the matter before the end of the disappeared."

If your site does not want to do this, we ask for an international commission.

"It's been 10 or 11 years, as the people were gone, and deal with the place and does not move. Something's promise, things supposedly are not closed, but that no one will hold active steps to understand and figure out who to blame. Same time put an end to these matters. Who is to blame — let him answer. If your site does not want to do this, we ask for an international commission — let it examine objectively, no matter what. I believe that a serious step. "

Human rights activist Oleg Volchek notes that in the film "The Godfather," said the involvement of senior officials in the disappearances in Belarus.

"This is a crucial year, the year of the presidential election. And we believe that Lukashenko does not have to run, run for the presidency until the issue is resolved with the missing — whether it has to do with it or not. And we are trying to raise this issue at such a high level. "

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